Congrats to Gay Men Whose Families Grew Last Month!

Wishing these new dads and those who finalized adoptions a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations from all of us here at Gays With Kids.

Congratulations to Allen and Michael on finalizing the adoption of Michaela!

On December 15, Allen and Michael's adoption of their daughter Michaela Ellen was finalized! Congratulations to this Californian forever family!

"Adoption day!!! Obviously she been "ours" for last 16 months but today is the last step was complete and we vowed before a judge that we would be her family forever no matter what. Best Christmas gift ever!!!"

Congratulations to Erik and Douglas on finalizing the adoption of their youngest daughter, Ella!

Ella joins big sister Alli Mae in the Alexander family from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her adoption was finalized on December 11, and Erik and Douglas were so excited to celebrate their forever family.

"We are thrilled to announce to the world that our second daughter, Ella, is officially an Alexander!" said Erik on Instagram. "Thank you so much to our awesome team- DeColores Adoptions, Suzy Loeb Miller and Lisa Pecquet Harrell. You all are fireballs and we are so blessed to have had yall in our lives on this incredible #journey.
Wow! It's official! What a wonderful Christmas! "

Anthony and Phil are thrilled to announce the adoption of their two kids has been finalized!

From Council Bluffs, Iowa, Anthony and Phil first became Destyni and Jaksen's dads in March 2017, and their adoption was finalized November 18.

"We are truly blessed that our family is finally complete!"

Deke and Joseph welcomed their daughter Annlynn on November 11!

Annlynn was born via surrogacy November 11, 2017. Deke and Joseph are thrilled to finally be parents.

"Deke and and I celebrated our 18th year together in October, being able to share our love with this beautiful little girl is a dream come true," said new dad Joseph. "We both can attest that the love you feel for your child is unlike any other love one has ever felt."

The salon owners from Destin, Florida, are completely smitten with their "little angel."

Congratulations to Luis and Fernando on becoming first-time dads!

Luis and Fernando are proud dads to their daughter Amelia, born via surrogacy.

"Now that we are dads we are feeling complete," said Luis. "We had that tiny piece tto complete our relationship. It's the most wonderful experience in our lives; nothing else is missing."

The new dads live in Ecuador.

Congratulations to dads Scott and Jesse on finalizing the adoption of their son Max!

On December 6, 2017, Scott and Jesse finalized the adoption of their son Max, born September 28 this year. These Floridian dads are over the moon as a forever family of three.

"The entire experience was so surreal, however the love and joy we have is beyond explaining," said Scott. "We are completely thankful for this opportunity and one of the most rewarding accomplishments for us. We can finally look at each other in the eyes and realize or family is complete!"

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