"Forever Changed": Congrats to These Gay Dads on Recent Births and Adoptions!

We're celebrating births, adoptions, and adoption finalizations in our latest roundup of incredible family news. We're continuously thrilled to share our community's wonderful milestones!

Congrats, dads!

Congratulations to Charles and Kyle on the birth of their daughter, Ida!

@longhai @charlesshanghai

"Like for most people, 2020 has been a wild ride," shared Kyle. Dads Charles, Kyle, and their 2-year-old twins, were living in China, their home of 10 years, when the pandemic hit. They were on course to relocate to Italy so they sped up the process and arrived at the end of January. There, they entered lockdown pretty quickly.

Thankfully, when Ida was born July 18 this year, the dads were able to be by her side. She was carried by the same incredible surrogate that carried their two oldest. 

"Despite everything we went through to get to hold our daughter, we know we're the lucky ones - we are all healthy, safe, and appreciative of the fight that it took to get here with marriage equality, the law in both our countries, and surrogacy a possibility in my home state." 

Luckily Charles is French and Kyle is American, so despite border closures, we were able to travel back and forth - we've always traveled with birth certificates and marriage licenses, but this is the first time they were actually checked by authorities in France and the US, multiple times.

Despite everything we went through to get to hold our daughter, we know we're the lucky ones - we are all healthy, safe, and appreciative of the fight that it took to get

We can happily report that this new family of five are now safe and currently living in Montepulciano, Italy (Tuscany).

Instagram: @longhai @charlesshanghai

Congratulations to Aaron on finalizing the adoption of his son, Uriel!

After visiting Brazil for a photography project in 2005, Aaron knew he wanted to adopt a child in Brazil. He left the country knowing that some day he would become a dad. In 2011 he returned, and started the official process in 2014. In his Instagram post above, Canadian-born Aaron shared his timeline.

"You were born
We first met
You came home
You were adopted

"Through it all, you have always been family," shared Aaron. The father son journey took 5 years, 10 months, and 18 days from the start to end. "It has been a journey of patience, persistence, gratitude and LOVE in building our FOREVER FAMILY."

Instagram: @papai_cavalo_marinho

Congratulations to Diego on welcoming his daughter, Lily!


"I always knew I wanted to be a dad and initially thought it was impossible until I learnt from Gays With Kids about surrogacy."

Diego began his research and became super excited when he realized achieving his dream of fatherhood was attainable — and he didn't have to take that journey alone. "I was super happy on all the support I got from friends and family (surrogacy is not very common in Latin America)."

Mexican-born Diego welcomed both his children through surrogacy in the United States; Xavier in 2017, and Lily this year in August. 

"Holding my babies was the most perfect moment I could think about! I couldn’t stop crying because of the emotion. With my second baby, despite having already my first baby, felt like a brand new experience. I could only look into their eyes and kept telling them how much I love them and what a wonderful family we will be."

Instagram: @diegonzo

Congratulations to Daniel and Dennis on welcoming their twin boys, Dean and Devin!

Daniel and Dennis

Miami husbands Daniel and Dennis discussed becoming parents on their first date five and half years ago. "Marriage and children were something we both had always dreamed of and wanted to become a reality."

They began their journey immediately after they were married, and decided that surrogacy was their preferred path. It was a two and a half year process that was emotional and exciting at times, but also very difficult. "The 'what ifs' and 'worst case scenarios' constantly flooded our thoughts, but we knew the reward was far greater than any doubts that ever crossed our minds."

On July 6th this year, the dads welcomed their twin boys - "officially the best day of our lives." 

Daniel and Dennis were both present for the birth, and each got to cut the umbilical cord for one baby.  "Before we knew it, we were parents and life had forever changed for the better."

Instagram: @daniel.marzoa and @dmarzoa

Congratulations to Will and Chris on welcoming their son, Finley!


Chris and Will of Austin, Texas, had always talked about adopting since they began dating. The two met in high school (in show choir) and started dating two years later. Twenty years later, they're dads!

They began the adoption process in December 2018, and after three birth moms who either had a miscarriage or decided to keep their baby, the husbands got a call on August 31. "It was a birth mother of a 3-month-old wanting to talk with us immediately," shared Chris. They jumped on a call and were told that we needed to be in Iowa by September 2, which was in just two days time. "By Friday September 4th we had signed paperwork and he was officially ours! My birthday was on the 7th so the a child was the ultimate gift I could have ever ask for, we are over the moon about our happy and smiley baby Finley Kai."

For Will and Chris, they felt an immediate connection to Finley. "You could see the love in his eyes for us which made out hearts melt." The dads can't wait to travel and show their son how much adventure the world has to offer.

Instagram: @thewrightwill and @italiapino07

Congratulations to Alex and Ricardo on welcoming their son, Matteo!


"We knew early into dating that we wanted kids some day. After seven years of dating, we tied the knot and after our first year of marriage we decided to get serious about starting the adoption process."

Alex and Ricardo always knew they wanted to adopt but, at least initially, were so nervous about the whole thing. They worked directly through an attorney's office in South Florida that specialized in adoptions. "We had an initial match with a mother who then changed her mind and that completely devastated us"

Thankfully, shortly after that heartache, they got the call for their son Mateo who was born May 9th. "Covid was an unexpected turn of events that lead to even more unusual hiccups along the road. But when he finally arrived and we picked him up from the hospital, literally on the curb-side of the employee exit of the hospital, we knew it was all worth it."

"Having to quarantine has selfishly allowed us to have Mateo at home full time and it’s been an amazing journey so far. He’s made us the luckiest and happiest daddy and papa!"

Instagram: @alex_salinas85 and @ricardo_pena80

Congratulations to Austin and Stefan on welcoming their daughter, Maya!


Calgary couple Austin and Stefan welcome daughter Maya via surrogacy on June 5 this year. She was a little ray of sunshine during a difficult and scary time.

You can watch the dads talk about their surrogacy journey here

"Holding Maya for the first time was such an amazing moment. It felt like she was right where she belonged and we can’t imagine our family without her."

Congrats to this Canadian family!

Instagram: @austnplz

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