Gays With Kids would like to congratulate single new gay dad Salim Stephenson on the birth of his adorable baby boy, Felix! Salim is a 37-year-old paralegal from London, United Kingdom.

Ever since Salim can remember, he wanted to be a dad. His original plan was to pursue adoption as his pathway to fatherhood, but with the help of an egg donor and a sister who generously offered to be his surrogate, he changed course and settled on (altruistic) surrogacy. Felix was born on Sunday, January 17. Salim is very excited to be able to raise his child from birth.

Salim, who lives with his father in London, shares this about his family: “… as dysfunctional as they are, they have always been encouraging, progressive and bursting with love.”

Salim’s sister, Suraiya, lives in the United States, just outside of Houston, Texas, with her three children and her and Salim’s mother. Two years ago she offered to be Salim’s surrogate if he found a donor egg. So Salim began his search for the right donor to create his family.

Salim documented his journey to fatherhood in his own blog. On the matter of choosing a donor, Salim describes his next step on the path to fatherhood as a “typically Indian family effort; we made the decision as a committee.” Salim wanted the “pretty girl”; his mother wanted the “intelligent girl”; and his father didn’t care as long as the donor had eggs! In the end they settled on a cute girl with a psychology degree.

Despite Salim’s best-laid plans to be in Texas three days before the scheduled cesarean, he missed the birth of his son as Felix was born two weeks prematurely. But due to the wonderful technologically advanced world we live in, Salim was kept up to date during the birth via Facebook messenger by his sister, Suraiya. Salim said his first “hello” to his son via Facetime.

Salim shares this advice to other gay men considering a similar path to fatherhood: “It’s a legal landmine, the biggest expense of your life and half the world is against you, but if you make it through to the other side, it’ll be the biggest reward of your life.”

Congrats Salim and Felix!

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