New Beautifully Illustrated Children's Book Explains Surrogacy to Kids

We are Pascal and Sylvain, a French couple who have been together for 14 years. We've lived in Manhattan the past 6 years and we work there as a video director and a history teacher. Building a family was always in the back of our mind, and when we were ready to start the journey, we chose Canada and met a wonderful surrogate who agreed to carry our babies.

Thanks to her, we are now a family of four with two adorable daughters.

During the whole process we thought about the best ways to explain surrogacy to our family members, especially our young nephews. We looked for children books to easily depict surrogacy, but apart from stories with kangaroos and penguins, the choice was very limited. So we decided to write our own illustrated children's book to read it to our daughters and our families.

When our friends saw the sketches, they told us that we could simply could not keep this book to ourselves. First, because of the stunning illustrations and story, and also because it would interest many parents who went through the same process. It made us very happy, and motivated us to finish the book for a wider public.

The book is entitled "The 2 Boys Who Wanted to Become Daddies." It will soon be available on in both English and in French.

The story is not necessarily ours, because our own journey had many obstacles: four failed transfers, and other disappointments which we did not want to put this in the book. Therefore, it is really a children's book for all families (gay or not) who wish to explain how two dads have babies by surrogacy.

Everything is explained in a very poetic way so that all children from 2 years old can understand.

The book is superbly illustrated, entirely in color with very detailed drawings. Nothing comparable is currently proposed for children of gay parents. We are therefore very proud of it.

We created an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and in a week we already count nearly 700 followers, which proves that there is a real need for this kind of beautifully illustrated storybook.

People can sign up on the opening page of the site to receive news of the opening date to pre-order the book. It would be a limited edition for the holiday season, maybe for registered people only. The site is not open yet because we are still working on the book-cover before launching the website, in 10 days. But we have already received a hundred registrations, and that is amazing! We can't wait to share this story with everyone! We are already thinking of another story for a second book next year!

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