“Let Me Out” a New LGBTQ Children’s Book Explores 'Coming Out' by Popping Out

Coming out can be scary for many of us. This new children's LGBTQ pop-up book celebrates the journey of self-acceptance. "Let Me Out", coined as a "Pop-Out About Coming Out", recognizes that the coming out process is not one dimensional. The positive messaging behind the book is loud and proud, and what better way to convey it, than literally leaping off the pages.

The story follows a main character who confronts their internal fears that are manifesting inside the closet. Creator, Omid Razavi, drew from his own experience coming out.

"My journey was definitely a process that was many years in the making. Raised in a middle eastern household, I spent countless hours imagining how my family would react to me coming out."

Similar to Omid's own experience, once Let Me Out's character opens those closet doors and embrace's their truth, the book becomes a colourful pop-out celebration of "you being you".

With a background in animation and marketing, Omid wanted to create this story as the resource he wished he had growing up. The book has been developed to remind us of what coming out meant to us, or perhaps more importantly, for us to share it with those struggling with their own journey.

If Let Me Out's crowdsourcing goals are met, the book's release is scheduled to coincide with National Coming Out Day in October. Launched on Kickstarter during Pride Month, the campaign will donate a portion of books to LGBTQ+ focused youth organizations and libraries around the world. The campaign even offers a "Coming Out Party" kit designed to celebrate and remember your coming out experience or to embrace your journey.

The reaction online defines the need for this book, as Omid himself advised: "The support on social media has been phenomenal. It is incredibly encouraging to encounter such confident and active young representatives from the LGBTQ+ community. There is a clear uprising in active youth leaders confidently embracing their truths and I only hope that this book can play its part in that".

You can follow Let Me Out's social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for book updates or get behind the book and donate via Kickstarter, to help Let Me Out come out of the closet and into the hands of those that need it the most.

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