Help Make a New LGBTQ+ Children's Book Happen!

We're happy to share that "The Boy with the Rainbow Heart" has now been published. You can pick up your copy at the following retailers:

Amazon, Royal Children's Books,, Mascot Books and Barnes and Noble.


Guest post by Will Mason.

Hello, everyone!

My name is Will Mason and I recently wrote a new LGBTQ children's book, called "The Boy with the Rainbow Heart," in honor of my lesbian sister, her children, and all children who find themselves feeling different in some way. Our schools don't supply nearly enough diverse literature to children from all backgrounds, and I hope this book changes that.

In short – this is a kids' story (ages 3-9) about a young boy with a rainbow heart who turns the town of Gray into the town of Shine – through love, kindness, and by being himself. It is a book that teaches love and acceptance for all people – no matter what color a heart may shine.

If you want to get involved in supporting the project – or if you want to pre-order a hardcover copy for your child and family, right now, we are running a 30-day campaign on Kickstarter (a public crowdfunding platform) to drum up support to print and publish the book. Our original goal was to raise $4,000 for the book to get published, printed, and into local stores/organizations/schools. Another reason for the $4,000 goal was to provide Buffalo Public Elementary Schools (44 in total) with donated copies of the book! Since we hit our goal within just 24 hours of launching our campaign (thank you, everyone!) we are now donating books to other school districts and cities across the country for every additional $1,000 that we go above our goal. Right now, we are sitting just under $10,000 total raised – which means that we are able to donate hundreds of more books to several other cities and school districts! If you have a city or school district in mind where you would like books donated, you can support the campaign and let me know your thoughts (open to all suggestions). You can support the campaign and pre-order your own hardcover copy by clicking here.

Author Will with his sister's kids

I want our children to know that they have an advocate in "The Boy with the Rainbow Heart!" Our kids deserve to know that they are perfect exactly the way they are! Thank you so much for thinking about getting involved in this - let's change the world!

Thank you,


Will and his family marching with his sister in a Gay Pride Parade

P.S. If you live around the Buffalo area, or if you want to make a fun road-trip, we are partnering with our sponsors at Evergreen Health & The Pride Center of WNY for a "coming out" party to launch the "The Boy with the Rainbow Heart." The book launch is free and open to the public. This will be a great event to kick-off the book and to meet all people involved in the project. The event is on Thursday, November 9th at 5:30 at The Pride Center of WNY!

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