'Gay at Home Dad' Frank Lowe is Looking for Unicorn Kids

Gays With Kids' columnist Frank Lowe may describe himself as a "total mess" on his popular Twitter feed, but he's pulled himself together for an exciting project: a new book titled, "Raised By Unicorns: Stories from Children with LGBTQ+ Parents."

We caught up with Frank to ask him a couple of questions about this latest venture. (And got the details on how to submit an essay below!)


GAYS WITH KIDS: What made you want to publish a collection of essays from children raised by LGBTQ parents?

FRANK LOWE: First and foremost, being a gay father.  While I recognize there are potential resources available to my son when he gets a bit older, there is nothing quite like the vision I have in my head. I want to essentially present an anthology of stories written by as diverse a group of people as possible.  I’m pleased to say it will be published by the largest independent LGBTQ publishers, Cleis Press.

GWK: Why is hearing from the perspective of children raised by LGBTQ parents important?

FL: This is a growing sector of the population.  There have been children raised by LGBTQ+ for years, but they have limited resources.  Some of the resources even have a very extreme point-of-view that verges on activism, and would frighten away kids such as my son.  This anthology is simply meant to show how life is.  It will be free of influence – meaning there is no agenda behind this book, it is simply stories that deserve to be shared.

GWK: Why now? Why do you think we haven't seen something like this before? 

FL: To be technical, we have seen similar concepts before.  What makes this anthology distinct is that it will only focus on U.S. stories, and it is current.  Additionally, it is not a single-author work, but rather a collection.

GWK: Why the title, "Raised by Unicorns?"

FL: It’s whimsical, it’s vaguely descriptive, and it makes you smile.  I love a good pun, and wanted it to grab people’s attention.  The word “unicorn” has a positive connotation, which will be thematic to the book.

GWK: You've said  that you want this to serve as a "resource." Who will it be a resource for, and how will it function as a resource? 

FL: I use the term “resource” loosely, as I am speaking from personal experience.  Everyone researches life differently.  This book is meant to be an honest portrayal, spoken directly from the children themselves.  I believe it would appeal to a wide range of people, from LGBTQ+ parents or parents-to-be to their children and beyond.

GWK: What kind of essays do you hope or expect to receive? And on what topics? 

FL: I’ve already received a wide range of emails, questioning if “their situation” would pertain to the book. For instance, if a child grew up with seemingly heterosexual parents for most of their lives, and then one of the parents comes out at LGBTQ+ at some point.  That’s fascinating.  I can’t imagine what that would be like, and I want to hear that story!  I truly believe the LGBTQ+ community is close to limitless as far as combinations and different situations, so I want to show that vastness in this anthology.  It is a labor of love, and the end result will be a beautiful book.


Call for Submissions! Are you the child of an LGBTQ+ parent or parents? Are you a fantastic writer with a keen sense of wit and retrospection with a unique, true story to tell? If so, you now have a chance to be a contributor in “Raised by Unicorns,” a new book by America’s favorite ‘Gay-at-Home Dad,’ Frank Lowe.

Raised By Unicorns: Stories from Children with LGBTQ+ Parents, will be published by powerhouse Cleis Press, and aims to be an anthology that reflects on the experience of being raised by a gay, lesbian, transgender, or otherwise queer parent or parents. While stories of promise and love are of great appeal, we also seek tales of discrimination, defeats, and setbacks. This volume ultimately seeks to portray a true representation of this particular niche of the human experience.

In order to be considered, you must have a US mailing address and your story must be 3,000 to 5,000 words. Potential contributors need not identify with a particular gender. All submissions are due by June 16, 2017 and can be submitted to Frank Lowe directly at rbubook@gmail.com.

Frank Lowe has contributed to The Advocate, Gays with Kids, and Huffington Post. He has an active YouTube channel and can be followed on Twitter as @GayatHomeDad.


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