“Celebrating Families”: A Delightful, Rhyming, LGBT-Themed Children’s Book

Michael Pallotta, a gay dad (and granddad) living with his family in Old Pickering Village in Ontario, Canada, has written “Celebrating Families, a delightful, rhyming, LGBT-themed children’s book that shows the importance of happiness and diversity. 

Gays With Kids asked Michael why he created this book.

"In 2015 the Ontario government launched a revised sex-ed curriculum for young students in our provincial public school system. 

"With no shortage of controversy and with some expected public outcry of concerned parents, our education system was finally starting to evolve after decades of archaic literature and outdated programs.  

"This, along with the major advancements taking place in favor of our LGBTQ communities worldwide almost daily, my desire to contribute to this movement grew, so I decided to create books for kids. 

“For the past few most recent years there have been amazing advancements regarding same-sex marriage, adoption rights as well as awareness for LGBT rights and gender equality around the world. Thanks to social media these happy and positive messages were continuously being shared internationally, strengthening our community. 

“I felt it important to do my part by sharing my positive life experiences with others and decided that we need to begin with our children. 

"A true believer in education, I felt it important that we educate our children first."

About The Book

This creative, LGBT-themed children’s book provides parents the opportunity to talk with their children about kindness and acceptance as well as about different types of families. This book shows children to love one another, be kind to each other and to be proud of who you are. 

With colorful characters, including LGBT people from around the world, the author’s message for young children is simple: Accept diversity, respect equality and share love. This book uses rhythmic text with bright and appealing hand-drawn illustrations by the talented artist Lewis James. A definite must-have for all children and families!

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