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Meet our Gay Dad Bloggers

Gays With Kids is excited to announce the official launch of our gay dad blogging community! Our goal is to become the web’s leading portal for gay dads who want to share their stories about creating and raising their families.

If you are a gay dad (or have started your journey to fatherhood), and you enjoy writing, we invite you to join our blogging community!

Together, we can:

• Showcase the tremendous diversity of gay dad families

• Inspire gay men considering fatherhood to become dads

• Create strong community bonds through the sharing of parenting experiences unique to gay dads

• Normalize the gay family experience

• Remove feelings of isolation some gay dads may experience

• Serve as role models for those struggling with their sexual orientation / identity

Please visit our gay dad blogging community page often as we continue to add new gay dad bloggers regularly.

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Trans Dad Trystan Spills the Tea on French Talk Show

Trans dad Trystan Reese reflects on his recent trip to Paris, where he and his husband Bill Chaplow were interviewed for a TV show called "Les Terriens du Dimanche."

Trystan Reese and his husband Biff Chaplow recently returned from Paris where they were interviewed for a TV show called "Les Terriens du Dimanche" ("Sunday Earthlings") They were on the show because Trystan is a trans dad and he carried his own child, Leo, who was born mid 2017. This wasn't Trystan and Biff's first television show, it probably won't be their last.

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Personal Essays by Gay Dads

On Being a Gay Father in a World Full of Chaos

After attending a vigil for the Parkland students, this formerly chaos-loving gay man reflects on raising children in a turbulent world.

Since becoming a father, I've watched my entire life change. In an instant my world was flipped upside down and thrown into the washing machine. While at a vigil for the students of Parkland, I realized life could change in the blink of an eye, for better or worse, because the one constant we have is change. But our core, the authentic self, remains. Those feelings, fears and emotions genuine to our true self are steadfast in a constantly evolving life. Despite everything around me changing, I'm always stuck with me. Since becoming a father I've found a renewed thirst for self-improvement and spiritual growth, not only for my own wellbeing but also for my family. While on this journey to accept my truth, I'm faced with old ghosts ready to be embraced. Because in order to rise I must be willing to examine all aspects of me, and most importantly, be O.K. with all aspects of me.

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Change the World

Gay Dads in Ads: Latest in Inclusive Marketing Campaigns!

Marketing expert Jim Joseph gives a run down of gay dads included in recent marketing campaigns

I love marketing. In fact, I was one of those kids who knew right from the start that I wanted to go into marketing...what ever that was! And I've been in marketing my entire career now, close to thirty years!

I'm also a dad, a gay dad...For not quite thirty years.

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"Tiny Beautiful Moments": One Gay Couple's Turn to Fatherhood

Nic and Tim didn't think fatherhood was in their cards. Now that they find themselves raising a son? It's what they want most out of life.

"I never thought I'd be a parent," Tim Wang confessed. "It was just not on the radar." He didn't think it was much on the mind of his partner, Nic Cher, either until five years into their relationship when he was dealt a surprise: Nic had babies on the mind. For a moment, Tim thought their different views on the subject would be enough to threaten their relationship.

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Coming Out

The One Thing This Gay Dad Would Do Differently if He Had to Come Out All Over Again

Matt Mason breaks down his strategy for telling the world of his impending divorce and identity as a gay man, and reveals the way he'd break the news to his son if he could come out all over again.

The match was lit. After a marriage, three children and 24 years of denial, I was finally ready to come out of the closet as a gay man. All that was left to ignite the fire that would blow up my life as I knew it was to drop said match.

But, where to begin?

I needed a strategy. It wasn't the kind of news that I could share via a Facebook post: "Hey! Big news! I'm getting a divorce because I'm fabulously gay!" No. My family's and my own privacy and reputation were at play. This had to be done delicately, thoughtfully and respectfully.

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Gay Dad Life

The First Year of Fatherhood Passed These Gay Dads by in a Flash

"By the time we get used to one new thing," say Hugo and Joel of their first year of fatherhood "He's onto the next."

Since having their son on April 1, 2017, we asked first-time dads Hugo Greyling and Joel Abrahamson how their lives had changed.

"Besides looking for a binkie 12,000 times a day, it is busier," said Hugo. "I wonder what I did with all my time before we had Landon!"

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In March this year, Antwon and Nate shared their exciting news with the Gays With Kids community: they were going to become foster dads! In May they caught us up to speed on their licensing, how they were getting prepared and what were their next steps. Now, several months later, they're still waiting ...In this video, Antwon and Nate give us an update.

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