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31 Gay Dads Serving Major Halloween Costume Inspo (and Where to Get The Looks!)

All October long, we'll be posting pics of gay dads and their major Halloween costumes from previous years for inspiration! We'll ALSO let you know where to get the looks!

NO ONE can out perform a gay dad when it comes to family Halloween costumes. So if you're in need of some inspiration for this year's costume, look no further! We selected 31 family costume ideas, one for each day of October, from gay dads in years past to help get your creative juices flowing. Elements of some of these costumes you might even find hanging in your wardrobe (you have a giant beer pong costume already, right?) but for those that you can't, we'll also let you know where to find something similar online or in stores! Either way, we're here to help you recreate these looks!

We can't wait to see everyone's creepy and creative, spine-chillingly spooky and ghoulishly great outfits this year!

That is one majorly cute cookie monster... 

Arjey and Mauricio with their son in Tucson, Arizona

Looking for something similar?

Dads: For the adult costumes (ignore the heteronormative pics - two dudes have totally got this!) get your milk and cookie set here.

Kids: Dress your kid as the cutest blue cooking-eating monster this side of Sesame.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"We were thinking about Coco theme this year... Either that or we were going to dress Dylan as a shark and we'd be two beach bums, LOL!" 😂

And now, for their next act...


Cade and Brian with their son, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Be dressed for success in these ringmaster outfits.

Kids: Your wee one is sure to be king / queen of the pride with this baby lion suit.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

Here's a hint: they're awaiting the arrival of the "Great Pumpkin."

Beer pong all stars!

Richard and Brian with their daughter, Seattle, Washington

Looking for something similar?

Dads and kids: Bring back some memories of childless college years with this amazing beer pong look. (Just maybe wait til the kids are asleep to actually play if you start getting nostalgic.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"This is the first year our daughter has a preference of what she wants to wear. She's interested in dressing up as either Tinker Bell or an airline pilot. We will probably go off whatever she wants to wear, so we could be Peter Pan or flight attendants this Halloween!"

When there's something cute and spongy in your neighborhood...

Marcos and Alberto with their son, Madrid, Spain

Looking for something similar?

Dads: The Ghostbusters ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Kids: Nothing sweeter than this little Stay Puft marshmallow man.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"We haven't decided yet, but this year we have to go beyond... and it will be a DIY costume of course."

Fatherhood is a circus anyway, so... 

Franklin and Jason with their son, Los Angeles, California

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Roll on up to see the Strong Man and the Jester at this carnival of characters.

Kids: Another cute lion, but can there ever be too many cute cubs?!

"Expelliarmus!" These dads are READY for Halloween

Jerry and Eric with their kids, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Be the dads on different sides of the wand: Weasley and Malfoy! Who will triumph?

Kids: Your kids will love dressing as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger is these awesome Gryffindor Kids' Robes.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"As far as this year, 'may the force be with you' 😉."

Here's a costume idea easy as pie(rate) 

Austin and Wade with their son, Austin, Texas

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Here's your classic pirate hat, but if you feel like channeling Johnny Depp, there's also this Jack Sparrow-esque option.

Kids: For the Captain (Drool) attire, look no further.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"We're going to be the Ghostbusters and our pup is going to be Slimer. 😆"

Wimpy and Bluto look good as a couple, no?

Dustin and Burton with their kids, Raleigh, North Carolina

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Everyone knows Wimpy and Bluto were actually a gay couple, so show it off with these costumes.

Kids: It doesn't get much cuter than a pint-sized Popeye and Olive Oyl.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"We're going to be a famous foursome from the 1930's that had one girl and three boys, just like us. 😉"

One small step for toddlers, one giant step for gay dad DIY Halloween costumes

Danny and Jay with their kids, California

Looking for something similar?

Dads: This is all about custom creativity, and with a lot of cardboard, paint and a pair of white t-shirts, you could be a rocket, too! But if that's too much work for you, here's a spaceship tee that'll work almost as well.

Kids: These toddler astronauts are flying high on dads' shoulders.

Scooby-Dooby-DOO look for these costumes ideas online before they sell OUT!

Steven and Gavin with their kids, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Scooby Dooby Dooooooo, where are youuuuu? (Click on the link to find out!) And for dad #2 who might not be looking wear a full bodysuit, check out Fred.

Kids: For the rest of the gang, you can't forget Velma, Daphne, and Shaggy. And to switch it up, here's a kid Scooby costume, too.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

Addams Family, and keep a look out for this family's Christmas pic which will be equally as epic!

Complimentary condiments

Sean and Josh with their twins, Hollywood, California

Looking for something similar?

Dads: For the dad who is looking to barely wear a costume while ALSO getting to eat hot dogs all night, look no further than this genius family Halloween look: Hot Dog and Sweet Relish tees.

Kids: And don't forget your main lil squeeze: toddler condiments in the form of Baby Heinz.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"This year, we're using their names, Stella and Cooper, and our love of beer as inspiration for our costumes... 🍻. Hint: Daddies are going to be bartenders! 😉"

Heart and brain sold separately... 

Andrew and James with their kids, Millville, New Jersey

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Here's Tin Man and the Scarecrow - heart and brain sold separately.

Kids: This Dorothy and Cowardly Lion will be following the yellow brick road in style.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"All I will say is, Halloween may get a little chilly ❄️❄️❄️"

Introducing... Incredible-Dad and Wreck-it-Papa

Rocco and Corey with their son, Mamaroneck, NY

Looking for something similar?

Dads: One of the best part of being a gay dad during Halloween is getting to reimagine some of your favorite cartoon characters are part of a same-sex duo. Don't Mr Incredible and Wreck-it-Ralph make a darling couple, no?

Kids: Depending on which dad your kids want to dress up as, here's a mini Mr Incredible costume and a Wreck-it-Ralph outfit for options.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"Forge wants to be Drift from Fortnite this year."

Tweedle-dads and Tweedle-twins!

Marcus and John with their twins, Chula Vista, California

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee have never looked so dapper.

Kids: What this Rabbit lacks in time-keeping, he makes up for with adorableness; curious and cute Alice; there's even a Mad Hatter to complete the ensemble.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"The kids will be dinosaurs, and John and I are dressing as Jurassic Park rangers."

Waka waka waka waka waka ...

José and his kids, Brooklyn, NY

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Those ghosts look hungry... Run pac man run!

Kids: Three ghosts - Clyde, Blinky and Pinky - on one hardly seems fair, but that's parenting!

What are you wearing this year, dads?

Undecided, but with three kids, that's a good number for an amazing ensemble...

The Justice League, gay dad style

Jorge and Roel with their kids, McAllen, Texas

Looking for something similar?

Dads: This DC family has got you covered with all your fav heroes making an appearance. The dads are the heavy weights, Batman and Superman...

Kids: But where would they be without the rest of their team, Wonder Woman, Robin, The Flash and Green Lantern!

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"This year we will be recreating one of the Hollywood classic 👠🦁❤️🌽 wink wink."

When the farm has TWO Mr. McDonalds...

Scott and Chad with their daughter, Columbus, Ohio

Looking for something similar?

Dads: We're pretty sure you dads can rustle up a couple of checked shirts, jeans (possibly overalls?) and you're set. Here's a hat to complete the outfit.

Kids: For the cutest chicken outfit in town!

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"As far as this year, we have no idea. 😂 Last year is a tough act to follow.😬"

Skeleton onesie for the (low maintenance) Halloween win!

Derek and Gil with their twins,

Looking for something similar?

Kids: This one is easy for dads - no costume! And for toddlers, here's some cute skeleton onesies.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"A tribute to famous Mexican wrestlers."

Bee adorable like this winged family

Eric and Michael with their twins, Greensboro, North Carolina

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Bee-cause who doesn't want to look as cute as your kids?! Here's an adult bee hoodie and an adult lady bug cloak.

Kids: Bee-utiful baby bee costume and a lovable lady bug costume.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"Think unicorns and mermaids.😬"

No job is too big, no pup is too small...

Ian and Danny with their son, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Looking for something similar?

Dads: For a low-key ensemble look, check out these Rubble glasses or Honey Badger cap and mask.

Kids: This kid is rocking the Marshall costume, but don't forget Chase or Rubble!

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"I think we're trying for Pokémon this year... in progress."

Who wouldn't want to catch this pup?!

Jared and Dorian with their son, San Francisco, California

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Be dressed for the occasion in these dog catcher tees with nets in hand.

Kids: This adorable pup is sure to knock you off your feet!

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"This year, Jackson has declared he's going to be a scary ghost, Daddy will be a vampire, and Papa will be a scary skeleton."

On Wednesdays, this family wears pink!

Vicko and Kevin with their daughter, Brooklyn, New York

Looking for something similar?

Dads and kids: For a winning trifecta, try out these adult pig costumes along with the cutest piglet outfit in town!

What's black and white and adorable all over??

Erik and Adam with their twins, Phoenix, Arizona

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Do the animal kingdom's version of black tie with these black and white penguins.

Kids: Babies + penguins = the most adorable baby penguins.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"We haven't decided on this year's Halloween costumes yet, but one of our ideas is the cast of Golden Girls! Our baby girls would make an adorable Sophia and Dorothy! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻"

These adorable costumes brought to you by Gay Dad, Inc. 

Jay and Adam with their son, Boston, Massachusetts

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Sully and Mike Wazowski's parenting skills left a little to be desired at times... so all-in-all, pretty spot on to reality!

Kids: The most adorable Boo of the family!

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"We aren't sure yet this year, so many options, yet so little sleep, LOL!" (Jay and Adam recently welcomed triplets!)

One fabulous cappuccino coming up!

Simon and Szymon with their daughter, Maryland

Looking for something similar?

Dads: For you dads, make sure you have the aprons and a quick trip to Starbucks can get you the props (bag and cup).

Kids: And for your little one, how about this super cute cappuccino!

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"We welcomed two new foster kiddos this year, so we're celebrating the zoo that is our family."

Dangerous dad criminals being taken to the big house

Alex and David with their son, Los Angeles, California

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Used to being bossed around by your kids being in charge? Then these convict outfits are for you.

Kids: With your kid wearing this police outfit, you dads better watch out.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"This year, all three of us are going to be soldiers."

To Infinity and Amazon (to buy these adorb costumes)!!! 

Alika and Charles with their son, Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking for something similar?

Dads: These Woody costumes will have you reaching for the sky!

Kids: Get ready to hear "To infinity and beyond!" over and over again when you dress your kid as Buzz Lightyear.

No added sugar needed for these 

Jeremy and Matt with their daughter, Dallas, Texas

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Who knew a chimney sweep could scrub up so well as this dapper Bert; and don't forget the penguin.

Kids: Mary Poppins, just a spoon full of cuteness

May the fore(sight to find an adorable family Halloween costume like this) be with you!!

Chris and Charles with their twins, Sydney, Australia

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Decide which side of the force you want to be on - Jedi knight or Kylo Ren.

Kids: For a kick-ass female character, Rey is for you; to defeat the dark side, Luke is your guy.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"This year may be Infinity Wars themed; we're still decided who is who... 😂"

A family Halloween costume you could lose your head over... 

Eric and Adam with their kids, Crown Point, Indiana

Looking for something similar?

Dads: You're sure to completely terrify the neighbor kids in these outfits - the Headless Horseman and a vampire

Kids: And for a strong juxtaposition, this darling pumpkin and bat costume are sure to be a hit with the kids.

What are you wearing this year, dads?

"Halloween has been a very special time for us as it provides the perfect opportunity to make lasting memories for our children and show them how far their imaginations can take them ... Since our costumes are always a secret, I will simply hint that we will be taking "classic" to new levels this year."

This family Halloween costume is one in a minion...

David and his husband with their daughter, San Jose, California

Looking for something similar?

Dads: This is a great versatile option - grab your yellow tee and overalls out of the drawers, or simply get the entire minion outfit here.

Kids: We're sure you could probably rustle something up from your kids wardrobe, but again if not, here's the kids' minion ensemble.

Disclosure: All the above links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. These earning go towards powering Gays With Kids, so thank you!!

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