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Gay Dads & Kids Doing Halloween Right

It's finally the day that so many of our families have been waiting for: Halloween! We've got snaps of families dressed in all sorts of fantastic costumes. From the ghoulishly grotesque, to the too cute to spook - we love them all! Check out this year's collection and don't forget to share yours with us as well.

Simon and Szymon with their Ava, Maryland

Scott and Chad with their daughter, Columbus, Ohio

Cade and Brian with Parker, from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jerry and Eric with Ellie and Jasper, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Brian and Corey with Brandon and Zoey, Houston, Texas

Richard and Brian with Emerson, Seattle, Washington

Happy Halloween! Our beer pong costume ;) #halloween #familycostume #instagay #gayswithkids #assholeparents

A post shared by Richard Kocher (@kocherkarma) on

Sean and Josh with Stella and Cooper, Hollywood, California

Chris and Charles with their twins, Sydney, Australia

David and Casey with Gabriel, South Orange, New Jersey

Xavier and Andrew with Olivia New York, NY

@xavier_van @andrew_nyc

Douglas and Erik with Alli Mae and Ella, New Orleans

☁️🌈🦄☁️ Partly cloudy with a chance of #rainbows & #unicorns #halloween #costume Happy Halloween!! 🎃 @gays_with_kids

A post shared by 🔅Erik🔅Douglas🔅Alli Mae🔅Ella🔅 (@nolapapa) on

Jeff and Tyler with Ava, Middletown, Delaware

Danny and Jay with Kai and Jayden, California

Happy Halloween Everyone. ❤️👶👶 #gayparents #gays_with_kids #gayfathers #gaydads #gayswithkids

A post shared by Danny Wong (@dannywongy) on

Willie and Nick with ElleLouise, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jerry with his son, Jack, California

Jon and with Asher, Salt Lake City, Utah

Nick and Nelson with Rio, Oakland, California

Family portrait. #gnomefamily #backyardrealness #thingsjustgotRio

A post shared by Nicholas Williams (@nickarus1) on

Robbie and Allen with Dylan, California

Sam and Jeff with Hailey, Santa Rosa, California

Marcos and John with Italia and Roman, Chula Vista, California

Happy Halloween!! #italiaroman

A post shared by Marcos Samaniego (@mdsamaniego) on

Jose with London, Lilah and Avery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Adam and Nick with Elijah, Madison and Noah, Lafayette, Louisiana

David and Josh (not featured) with their four kids, Wellington, Florida

Joshua and Jeremy with Colbie and Crosby, Amarillo, Texas

Allen and Justin with Sutton and Rowan, Atlanta, Georgia

Darin and Joe with Jaxon, Thornton, Colorado

House Gryfinndor! Harry can be so silly sometimes🙄🙄#gayswithkids #twodads #halloween2017🎃

A post shared by Joe Hall (@joecool325) on

JR and Jim with Travis, Piper and Campbell, Los Angeles, California

Andrew and James with Liviee, Millville, New Jersey

Charlie and James with Charlie, San Francisco, California


Ben and Aaron with Charlotte, and their good friends Tripp and his son Alex, Orlando, Florida

Danny and Troy with Liam and Bella, Wilmington, Delaware

A dream is a wish your heart makes ✨ #cinderella #halloween #halloween2017 #familycostumes

A post shared by Troy. 🦄 (@fantastictroy) on

Daniel and Victor with Olivia and Omarie, Victorville, California

Dan and Andy with their kids, Seattle, Washington

Benji and Micah with Michael, Birmingham, Alabama

Allen and Michael with Micaela Ellen, California

Cody and Corey with Carter and Ellie, Dallas, Texas

Happy Halloween! #halloween #gayswithkids @gays_with_kids @thekindlehusbands @coreykindle

A post shared by Cody Kindle (@codyk1ndle) on

BJ and Cody with Aiden, Mebane, North Carolina

Happy Halloween 🕸🐭🐶👻 . . . . #halloween2017 #trickortreat #gayswithkids

A post shared by Bj Jaimes (@bj_jaimes) on

Scott and Adam with Abby, Bayonne, New Jersey

Doug and Brent with Sawyer, Atlanta, Georgia

Sneak preview for Tuesday.

A post shared by Realmoderndads (@realmoderndads) on

Chris and Mike with Eva, Berea, OH

BJ and Frankie with Milo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Raul and Anthony with Luca and Max, New York, NY

Happy Halloween Minion's family!! #gayswithkids #gayparents #lgbtfamily #dadsnotdaddies #2dads #2papas

A post shared by Raul Rivera (@riverjrd) on

Jason and Adam with Tristan, Massachusetts

Christopher and Jeremy with Calliope, San Antonio, Texas

Brian and Preston with Pence, Burlingame, California

The Evil Queen, her Huntsman and her poison apple. #halloweeninutah #gaydads #gayswithkids

A post shared by superbrian (@superbrian) on

William and Shaun with Aurora and Avery, St. Petersburg, Florida

#HappyHalloween! #AliceInWonderland #StarWars #GaysWithKids #gays_with_kids

A post shared by Shaun N. (@thatshaun) on

Ricky and Cédric with Théo, Miami, Florida

The whole #zoo for #trickortreat #gayswithkids #somepeople

A post shared by ⓇⒾⒸⓀⓎ (@richrod) on

Steven and Ivan with Will, Louis and Conor, Salisbury, Wiltshire

David and his husband with Leilani, San Jose, California


A post shared by Ⓓⓐⓥⓘⓓ (@ddiaz1985) on

Richard and Paul with Aiden, Corpus Christi, Texa

#happyhalloween #gayswithkids #fathersonfather #lilone #lovebug #bubba

A post shared by Paul Rodriguez (@dalittleshot) on

Roy and Peter with Lucas and Oliver, Rancho Mission Viego, California

Alexandre and Renato with Sara, São José, Brazil

Dan and his kids

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