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Gay Dad Guide to the Weekend: April 7, 2017

Squeeze the most out of your Saturdays and Sundays! Here’s our weekly suggestions on how to spend your precious weekend hours, gay dad style. Want our guide in your inbox each Friday? Subscribe here!


It's not everyday you come across a young adult novel about adoptive gay dads, so top of our "want" list this week is The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Our thanks to Lambda Literary for pointing us to this find! The book is currently #1 on Amazon’s list of young adult novels about adoption. Check out Entertainment Weekly's recent interview with Sáenz where he talks about the inspiration behind the book.




Recently Buzzfeed's Alexander London set the internet abuzz with his article, “Why I Came Out As A Gay Children’s Book Author.” The author of books like Proxy and We Are Not Eaten by Yaks writes in his piece, “already in our culture, men who work with young children are looked at with suspicion. Gay men perhaps doubly so. Anita Bryant’s 1978 campaign to ban LGBT people from teaching is not yet ancient history.” Be sure to check out our article about London, and Gays With Kids roundup of great LGBT-themed children's books!


The Social Dad

We may be dads, but we still have a sense of humor! Check out our round-up of the funniest tweets from and about gay dads in March 2017. Have a funny tweet to share? Tag us @GaysWithKids! Or Send it to







April showers bring shopping! Hatley raincoats are our picks for boys and girls. Hatley’s kid friendly but totally modern designs will keep us singing in the rain all spring long. For other fun stuff for kids, check out our website for some other good picks. We suppose that dads need something a bit more buttoned up. We recommend Valetmag’s guide to Ride Out the Rain in Style.




We've all  heard our fair share of Humpty Dumpty and Hickory Dickory Dock, but if you haven’t heard it ChuChu TV style, you’re missing out. Based in India, ChuChu TV is up-beat and energetic. We’re going to make some waffles and dance it all out to Humpty Dumpty (over 97 millions views!) this Saturday morning. You should join in.



Man With A Plan

August may seem like a world away, but Family Week in Provincetown, MA will be here before you know it! This weeks festivities take place July 29 – August 5. Register today with the Family Equality Council, and remember to book your Airbnb or hotel soon as spots book up fast. Not going to make it to p-town this year? Check out these other family-friendly trip ideas.



This Weekend In . . . Los Angeles

Pop Luck Club is a community of gay dads based in Los Angeles. On Sunday April 9, in West Hollywood, Pop Luck Club is holding a new member orientation and a pot luck lunch. Visit their website to sign up! We’d love to share more information about the gay dad events in your hometown. Send your listings to



Next Week’s Gay Dad Guide...

We're thinking pink! Help us round up all the best spots for cherry blossoms and party dresses. Send your tips on how gay dads can get the most out the weekend to




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