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Meet our team


They Say it Takes a Village to Raise a Child — But With Surrogacy, It's True Just to Have One.  

Gays With Kids® has meticulously vetted and approved our own little village of surrogacy agencies — with dedicated professionals at the ready to help you become a dad. 

Many experts are involved in a surrogacy journey — selecting the best team possible is the most important decision you'll make to ensure a smooth, successful experience. There are no shortage of surrogacy agencies to choose from, and the decision can be complicated, time-consuming and confusing. This is why we created our "Partners to Fatherhood" program, which includes surrogacy agencies we know and trust that not only have long and proven track records of success, but are also just as passionate as we are about LGBTQ+ family building! Get more information on them by  clicking on FULL BIO below. 

Book a Free Consultation with as many of our partner agencies below as you like — we encourage you to speak with several to find the best fit for you! Each of our partners works locally and globally, so feel free to reach out, regardless of where you live.



Our surrogacy agency partners will match you with your perfect surrogate — and guide you along every step of your journey from start to finish. 











Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with one or more surrogacy agencies.