Partners to Fatherhood 

LGBTQ+ Competent Family-Building Organizations

For queer men it not only takes a village to raise a family, it also takes a village to create a family!

Regardless of your chosen path to fatherhood, the most important decisions you will make have to do with selecting the best organizations to partner with for your journey.

At GWK, we recognize how incredibly stressful, complicated and time-consuming this process can be, which is why we created our “Partners to Fatherhood” program. Each participant in the program has been properly vetted so you know they have a long and proven track record successfully and passionately supporting LGBTQ+ family building. You can learn more about them by clicking on their names under the appropriate family building categories listed below.

While we plan to limit the number of organizations listed per family building category, we will soon expand our categories to include legal, insurance, egg donor agencies and more. 

Adoption/Foster Care

Most adoption and foster agencies only service their local state or province. If you’re interested in pursuing adoption or foster care and you are not covered by these agencies, you can find an LGBTQ+ friendly agency through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in the U.S. or Canada.

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