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About José of José Rolón Events

Planning, Passion, Peace of Mind

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José specializes in bringing comfort to a process that’s famously filled with tough decisions and mounting stress. In doing so, he leaves his ego out, and gets the job done—step by easygoing step. 

A hospitality veteran (he opened two high-end restaurants in the early aughts), José planned his own wedding at The Foundry, one of the most coveted wedding venues in New York City. Passionate about the venue, he joined their staff and quickly become a crucial and beloved member of the events team.

After making a name for himself, with his chill vibe and generous command, he left to start José Rolón Events. He now plans and executes seamless weddings that gain national recognition. Parents adore him, vendors respect him, and brides and grooms bestow their trust in him.


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“Without José, our wedding would not have been the magical and unforgettable day it was. ”
Mike + Roy

Things that characterize José—and set him apart:

  • He’s massively comfortable under pressure. Bring it on!!
  • He’ll never oversell you — whether it’s a vendor’s services or his own.
  • He cools hot tempers with a kindness and composure that is contagious.
  • He’s a foodie…so he treats food as a priority—not an afterthought.
  • You’ll never find him with a headset, running, or being dramatic. He does his work with the necessary stealth…and class.
  • He’s has a love for dance. This is why he hooks up all of his couples with a choreographer for their first dance.
  • He has infallible solutions for last-minute emergencies (a misplaced birdcage veil? grooming kit for the hungover groom? José has them in hand).
  • He uses a surprising secret weapon: generosity. Instead of channeling a drill sergeant, José first asks, "what can I do to help?"


Meet José Rolón

José is frequently sought for his expertise on The New York Times, Brides, NACE, and more, as well as his work featured with Martha Stewart, Essence Magazine, Sophisticated Weddings Magazine, New York Weddings, and the Best of The Knot. Recently, he was named one Biz Bash’s Most Influential Event Professionals.

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Mike + Roy

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrTerHekQW8a1Iy-aej-9uw


Phone: 917-514-4016

Web: https://www.joserolonevents.com/