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Although adoption is one of the more affordable paths to fatherhood for queer men, there are still costs to be considered during the process. When budgeting it is always important to account for the potential and inevitable expense that come along with adopting a child. Hear from adoption experts on how to afford adoption and what to expect. Get your questions answered live during our Q&A portion.



Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Webinars

DATE - 04/01/21 END DATE - 08/31/21

Each month Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation hosts topic-specific webinars for intended parents about all aspects of the surrogacy process: from finding a surrogate, to legal needs, to comparing surrogacy agency costs. All webinars are free.

Time: Various
Available to: Everyone

Private Consultations

DATE - 04/01/21 END DATE - 08/31/21

Circle's private consultations are free, and allow their team to hear your story and what brought you to surrogacy. They'll also discuss an overview of their program and agency protocols, matching with a surrogate mother, surrogacy costs, insurance and much more. 

  • Mornings, afternoon and some evening time slots available every day
Time: Ongoing; by appointment
Available to: Everyone

Reproductive Medicine Assoc | Private Consults

DATE - 04/01/21 END DATE - 08/31/21

Starting the process of family building as a gay man can be overwhelming.  Learn more about:
- Where to begin choosing your fertility clinic, egg donor, and surrogate
- How to navigate financial & legal aspects
- Where to get support along the way

Available to:

Spence-Chapin Adoption Events

DATE - 03/26/21 END DATE - 12/31/21
Time: Ongoing
Available to: Everyone