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About Love Grown Adoption Consulting

Love Grown Adoption Consulting is a compassionate professional guide as well as a supportive "family" to anyone seeking to adopt in any part of the process. We love on the expecting family and keep the adoptee's best interest in mind.

Your Guide Inclusively 🏳️‍🌈 and Honestly in Any Part of the Domestic Infant Adoption Process Across the U.S.

Love Grown Adoption Services:

  • Adoption Terms and language
  • Types of adoption (domestic, international, foster)
  • Home study Referral and guidance
  • State Law knowledge and assistance
  • Profile referral and review
  • Grants, scholarships, tax credit, and other financial resources
  • Opportunities to present your profile to expecting moms
  • Transracial adoption and exposure knowledge
  • Review of match/chosen paperwork
  • Guidance on communication with expecting family
  • Assistance in preparing/packing and traveling
  • Guide through state clearance (ICPC questions) and finalization

Love Grown Adoption is licensed in Wisconsin and able to work with prospective families all across the U.S

*Unfortunately Love Grown Adoption cannot currently work with families who live in New York or New Jersey at this time due to their state laws.*

Our Key People

Paige Knipfer, Founder & Owner

I'm an adoptive mom of two who is passionate about changing the adoption industry by empowering prospective adoptive couples to push for ethical, inclusive, and honest adoptions focusing on all in the adoption triad (adoptive parents, adoptee, and birth family).

I have seen many unethical practices in this process including dishonesty, disorganization, and disrespect for the whole adoption triad (adoptive parents, birth family, and the adoptee.) I became so passionate about adoption and I started to write articles and have them published. I consumed anything I could on the topic. I soon felt that wasn't enough. I went through political training and worked on law advocacy for adoption. I then felt that wasn't enough.

I started to dream about what my company would be. How I would help others by educating and advocating for those who wanted to adopt. I want to make a difference in the adoption community and so Love Grown Adoption Consulting was born.

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