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About Eli Kaplan Wildmann

Bringing families together with art and creation!


Create Unbound was founded by dad Eli Kaplan Wildmann with the goal of combining art, design and education to bring inspiration into your hands.

These days all parents are looking for content that they can count on to engage and educate their children. Create Unbound is focused on specific and very high-quality educational materials, bringing art to all inquiring minds and hands.

Create Unbound offers free online videos and printables to bring a queer point of view to design and crafts at home. Start creating with Create Unbound's free video classes!


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“Inclusive creation, using art to bring people together!”
Create Unbound

What Makes Create Unbound Special

  • Arts, Creativity & Crafts for ALL Families
  • LGBTQ+ Owned & Operated
  • Free Video Classes Every Thursday
  • Inclusive Approach to Art
  • Created by a Gay Dad
  • Free Art Assets (ie: Coloring Pages / Books)

Let’s create together!

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