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Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists is one of Connecticut’s first full-service surrogacy matching agencies, and was founded by leading reproductive lawyer Victoria T. Ferrara to help Intended Parents across the globe build their families through gestational surrogacy.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, and a mother, Ferrara is excited to be partnering with Gays With Kids to do everything in her power to help gay, bi, and trans men have kids through gestational surrogacy. "This is why I started my surrogacy program," she said. 

Ferrara forged a path for legal parentage in Connecticut through the historic Supreme Court case of Raftopol v. Ramey. This landmark decision ruled that an Intended Parent could assume all rights to a child through a gestational agreement, regardless of the genetic connection to the child born to the surrogate.

Ferrara is backed by a compassionate team of case managers, social workers, and clinical psychologists with over a decade of experience helping both gay & straight couples and singles build their families through surrogacy.

"I’m proud to be the leader of this incredible team full of enthusiasm, experience, knowledge, and passion to help people become parents through surrogacy,” says Ferrara.

Worldwide Surrogacy's dedicated team values equality, acceptance, and the ethical formation of families through surrogacy. The agency is proud to support Intended Parents of every race, gender, and sexual orientation on their journey to parenthood.

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Our Services

  • Gestational Carrier & Intended Parent Matching
  • Gestational Carrier Recruiting & Screening
  • Comprehensive Case Management Before & During Pregnancy
  • Comprehensive Gestational Carrier Journey Support
  • Comprehensive Intended Parent Journey Support
  • Legal Services for Intended Parents (as needed)
  • Social Work Services & Support for Intended Parents & Gestational Carriers

Our Key People

Victoria T. Ferrara, Esq, Founder and President

As the Founder & Legal Director of Worldwide Surrogacy, Vicki leads the agency with a passion for law and the family formation process. She brings over 25 years of experience practicing assisted reproductive technology law and surrogacy law to help people make their dreams of family come true—just as hers have. She and her spouse, Michelle Loris, have two sons, Sal and Nick.

Beth Anne Ferraro, COO

Beth Anne is the Chief Operating Officer of Worldwide Surrogacy, leading business operations with skill, precision, and enthusiasm, ensuring that the Worldwide team consistently provides compassionate, concierge-quality support to Intended Parents and surrogates. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and has overseen the staff, finances, and escrow for over a decade.

Jen McArthur, MSW, Director of Case Management

As Director of Case Management. Jen is the first touchpoint for Intended Parents, providing a wealth of information about the surrogacy journey. She walks them through the matching process, screening process, insurance matters, and any and all other specific details regarding their journey. She provides ongoing support and case management to Intended Parents and supervises all of the case managers who assist our Intended Parents. 

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