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Become a Dad Through Surrogacy & IVF

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy provides an amazing opportunity for queer men to have a biological connection to their child. In a gestational surrogacy arrangement — the most common version practiced — a woman (known as a surrogate or gestational carrier) will be compensated for carrying a baby to term for the intended dad(s). For queer men, a gestational surrogacy journey will require an advanced fertility treatment known as in vitro fertilization (IVF). During this process, a fertility center will create embryos — using sperm from an intended father and an egg donor — which are in turn transferred to the surrogate's uterus. 

Overview of Surrogacy & IVF Process / Learning Center / Partners to Fatherhood / Family Stories

Overview of the Surrogacy & IVF Process for Queer Men

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Surrogacy & IVF Learning Center

  • See what the experts say about family building via surrogacy.
  • Hear from other gay, bi and trans men who've already traveled this path to create families of their own. 
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Surrogacy & IVF "Partners to Fatherhood"

When it comes to surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics, today’s intended parents have many, many options. Yet choosing the right agency and IVF clinic to partner with is among the most important of all the decisions you’ll make throughout your entire journey. We know this process can be quite stressful, complicated and time-consuming. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Partners to Fatherhood program, where we’ve done all the vetting for you! We feature only the best of the best organizations – those that enjoy long and proven track records passionately supporting LGBTQ+ family building. We encourage you to click on the links below to learn more about these organizations. 

Surrogacy Agencies

Each surrogacy agency listed below works nationally and globally, so you can reach out to any of them regardless of where you live.

Insurance Agencies

Each of our partnered Insurance Agencies has years of experience dealing with surrogacy, adoption and/or newborn insurance. These agencies are also extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and have experience working with gay families.

Dads Johnny and Sebastian welcome their son through surrogacy

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