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Simple Surrogacy, a full-service Surrogacy Agency based in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 2002.

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Co-founder Kristen Hanson first became introduced to the world of assisted reproductive technologies after serving as an egg donor in college. "After going through that experience, I really wanted to help people to be able to create a family of their own," she said.
Her co-founder, Stephanie Scott, became a surrogate after her third child was born — serving as both a gestational and traditional surrogate. As the child of a lesbian mother, Stephanie knows first hand the extra lengths LGBTQ people need to go through to become parents. 
Together, Kristen and Stephanie founded Simple Surrogacy to assist couples and individuals with the desire to achieve a family through third-party assisted reproduction.
Their name reflects their simple guiding principle: to provide their clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy industry at an affordable price. 
Simple Surrogacy offers a fully-rounded knowledge of the experience from an insider’s perspective.
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“Simple truly made the process very seamless for us and they helped us navigate what became a long and arduous journey”
Johnny & Sebastian - Dads Through Surrogacy

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Meet the team of experts at Simple Surrogacy. These dream makers are highly trained individuals who are passionate about assisting LGBTQ individuals to become parents.

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