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Making Parenthood a Possibility for the LGBTQ Community

Same Love Surrogacy is a full-service global surrogacy agency & egg donor agency located in Los Angeles and Portland.

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From the start, Same Love Surrogacy has always had the unique position in the industry of being here specifically to service the LGBTQ community.

Same Love Surrogacy was founded in 2014 by gay fathers who had gone through their own journeys to parenthood with traditional agencies. They were motivated to create an agency that dedicated their time and attention to helping other members of the LGBTQ community on their path to parenthood.

It's this desire to service the needs of the LGBTQ community that also leads to a database of amazing pro-LGBTQ egg donors. Their database is filled with tons of ethnically diverse, educated and driven egg donors who come to them specifically seeking out the experience of donating for someone who is LGBTQ.

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“Same Love Surrogacy made the process manageable. With their help I found my doctor, egg donor, and surrogate and was able to navigate everything that was involved with each of these steps.”
Ted, Same Love Surrogacy Dad

What Makes Same Love Surrogacy: Egg Donation Stand Out

Diverse & Pro-LGBTQ Donors

The team at Same Love Surrogacy works hard to find donors from diverse backgrounds. They actively seek donors who are not only excited to donate to members of the LGBTQ community, but they specifically WANT to donate to those members. Oftentimes, the donors have a close personal connection to members of the LGBTQ community in their own lives.

Screening of Egg Donors

Egg donors with SLS are well informed of the process and understand that they will go through intense evaluations for any journey they may take. These evaluations include, but are not limited to psychological, genetic and medical screening.

Support Open Donation

As an agency, they encourage their donors and intended parents to have an open donation. During the matching process, the donors and intended parents get to know one another over a video call so they can learn more about one another beyond what is included in their profiles. Often times as children get older, they will naturally become inquisitive and want to know more about who they are. Open donation leaves that option open for all involved.

No Re-Match Fee

SLS does not want their intended parents to stress about the financial burden of surrogacy, so they work hard to make the process as smooth and streamlined as possible. In the event that there are bumps in the road, they work to re-match intended parents with other egg donors at no additional cost to them.

Our People

About Our People

Meet the experts responsible for making your dreams a reality. All of Same Love Surrogacy's staff are highly-trained, LGBTQ-inclusive and have years of experience helping gay, bi and trans men become fathers.

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