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Friends in Adoption (FIA) is a non-profit, pro-choice, HRC-certified licensed agency with a focus on helping people make informed decisions concerning adoption.

FIA is committed to open adoption, inclusiveness, and providing lifelong support to all members of the adoption circle.

While FIA has physical offices in New York and Vermont, our agency provides services to both pregnant individuals and prospective adoptive families nationwide.

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Serving the LGBTQ+ Community Through Compassionate Adoption

Our Services

  • Pre-adoptive preparation: Assist prospective families with home study, approval process, and all aspects of pre-adoptive preparation.

  • Free services to pregnant individuals considering adoption and to individuals who are considering placing their already born infant with an adoptive family.

Our Key People

Tara Saltis, Executive Director

Tara Saltis has been part of the Friends in Adoption leadership team since 2004, and assumed the role of Executive Director in 2019. Tara works closely with the FIA team to make sure that every pregnant individual is supported and educated about their options so they can make informed decisions. She also aims to ensure the process is as efficient and affordable as possible for prospective adoptive parents. Tara is passionate about raising adoption awareness and providing ongoing post adoption support for all members of the adoption triad (the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents).

Diana Fletcher, Director of Case Management and Outreach

Diana oversees and manages the daily operations of the agency. She provides leadership and support for our case management and outreach teams while also managing relationships with our contracted clinicians and attorneys. We are proud to have Diana as our diligent liaison for the Human Rights Campaign’s “All Children – All Families” Organization.

Brandi LaDuc, Senior Case Manager and Community Outreach Provider

Brandi is the go-to support system for our families and individuals who are looking to adopt, are in the process of adopting, and who have recently adopted. If you reach out to Friends in Adoption, Brandi may be someone you speak with as she also provides resources, support, and information to inquiring individuals. 

Olivia Pope, Community Outreach and Development Manager

As a Community Outreach and Development Manager, Olivia travels three days a week to various counties throughout New York and New England to provide resources to professionals in the healthcare and social work field. Olivia meets weekly with various professionals to equip them with information and knowledge of Friends in Adoption so that they might refer to us when they have an individual in need. She also provides professional staff development workshops that focus on in depth conversations about adoption as an option and Friends in Adoption as a community resource. When not on the road, Olivia works from her office in Albany county.

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