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About Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Circle's Egg Donation program and extensive egg donor database helps intended parents who require an egg donor to find their desired donor and begin their journey towards parenthood. Our egg donor database is filled with hundreds of bright young women who are excited to help you achieve your dreams.

Circle actively encourages egg donors of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to apply. After all, the Circle family is incredibly diverse. We work with intended parents from all backgrounds - single men and women, LGBTQ+ and straight intended parents, and domestic and international couples alike. We try to find donors that contribute to this vibrant diversity, so you can find the perfect match.

Since their founding, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation has helped bring more than 2,300 babies into this world.

The staff at Circle is passionate about family building, and about 40% of their team members have personal experiences as surrogates, egg donors or parents through surrogacy, IVF or adoption.

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The Right Egg Donor Match Makes Parenthood Possible

What Makes Our Egg Donation Program Stand Out

Circle has a thorough egg donor screening process

Egg donors who work with Circle need to meet a variety of medical, psychological, and demographic screening requirements to make sure they’re a healthy reproductive match for your family. Egg donors fill out lengthy questionnaires, and participate in a thorough screening with a social worker prior to be accepted into our program.

Circle offers unlimited egg donor matching

The Circle team does everything in our power to make your egg donation experience seamless and hassle-free. That’s why we offer Unlimited Egg Donor Matching, meaning we’ll keep matching you with new Circle Egg Donors until a live birth is achieved. It may take more (or less!) time than you expect, but working with our team means you’ll eventually find the right donor. It’s just one more thing you don’t have to worry about.

Circle encourages known egg donation

Known egg donation means that we encourage the intended parents and the woman donating eggs to be open with their identity and stay connected with each other - from matching to pregnancy and beyond. Circle encourages known egg donation because it’s important for the child’s healthy sense of identity to at least have access to the other half of their genetics. Some children who are conceived with an egg donor have a natural curiosity about their genetic origins, while other children might not. You won’t know what kind of child you have until they start to grow up and develop their personality. Known egg donation helps leave that door open for possible contact in the future.

Our Key People

Sam Hyde, President and CEO

Sam joined Circle in 2017, after spending 10 years advising and building a variety of businesses. Having experienced fertility challenges when starting his own family, Sam understands first-hand the importance of support and help to fulfill dreams of parenthood. With the help of IVF, Sam and his wife are now blessed with two wonderful daughters.

Dean Hutchison, VP, Director of Legal

Dean began his professional legal career as a law clerk for Circle Surrogacy in 2004, before working for Lawson & Weitzen, LLP for six years before as a litigation attorney and was named a Rising Star in Massachusetts Super Lawyer and Boston Magazine multiple years. He is the Chairman of the Assisted Reproductive Technology Law Committee at American Bar Association. Dean returned to Circle full time in 2011 and helps manage the legal portion of Intended Parents’ journeys.

Rachel Campbell, LCSW
Egg Donation Manager

Rachel joined the Circle family in 2005. Throughout her time with Circle, Rachel has held a variety of roles, including Intended Parent support, screening and matching surrogates and egg donors, and providing surrogate support. Rachel presently manages the Egg Donation Department, overseeing egg donor intake, prescreening, screening, and matching between egg donors and IPs. 

Maddie Arnold
Experienced Egg Donor and Egg Donor Intake and Matching Coordinator

Maddie is an experienced egg donor with Circle Egg Donation and thrilled to continue her journey in helping grow families. In her role at Circle Surrogacy, Maddie matches Intended Parents with their perfect donor, and she is excited to use her intrapersonal skills to make a difference in people’s lives. Maddie resides in North Carolina with her adorable son, where they love to adventure together in their free time.

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