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Become a Dad

If you're thinking about family
you've come to the right place!

We know first-hand how complicated it can be for queer men to build a family. 
 Gays With Kids® (GWK) is the world's largest resource, community center, and news site for gay, bi and trans dads and dads-to-be.  So, we've heard it all.  To save you time, GWK asked the top-rated providers in family building to break it all down for you into simple concise steps. 

What Are Your Options?

Our Paths to Fatherhood Guide for Queer Men outlines the options available to most queer men to become a father. Gain a quick understanding of each path, including the costs involved, timeline, and unique benefits and challenges inherent within each path. 

This guide lays out the pros & cons for each path to fatherhood:  surrogacy, adoption or foster-to-adopt. It also covers the different considerations of each path including cost, timelines, unique benefits, and challenges.  
Now, discover each step of your chosen Path to Fatherhood!