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When gay, bi and trans make the decision to start the incredible journey to fatherhood, we do what everyone else would do - consult the internet, social media and books for help. But the more we search, the more we realize there’s not much out there that’s relevant to the experience of gay, bi and trans men and our specific paths to fatherhood.

Whether you’re already a dad or exploring your options, you’ll come up against challenges every day. Essentials you need for your family are labeled ‘mommy approved’, guidance is catered to expecting mothers and it’s rare you hear about the success of a queer family.

That’s why GWK was born - the world’s only destination and social network dedicated exclusively to serving the interests and needs of every queer dad, dad-to-be and our families. You can find everything you’d ever need to make fatherhood as a gay, bi or trans man possible. Together, we will conquer any challenges that come our way with confidence and pride.

“My goal with GWK has always been, and will always be, to make sure every gay, bi and trans dad feels welcome and represented — regardless of his path to fatherhood or where he lives.”
Brian Rosenberg

Meet the Team Behind GWK

Brian Rosenberg (right) & Ferd van Gameren - GWK Founders

Brian has over more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience working in automotive and not-for-profit, but his real passion has been the creation of GWK, the one-stop destination for gay, bi and trans dads. With his own family created through a combination of adoption and surrogacy, his path to parenthood identified a huge gap in the market.

Brian and his husband Ferd created their family through adoption and surrogacy. With nothing tailored to the unique challenges they faced and an abundance of baby products marketed at moms, Brian wanted to create an inclusive resource that would help other gay men experiencing the same thing. Thus, GWK was created.

Together since 1993, the secret to this couple's longevity is Ferd's prowess in the kitchen and Brian's great appreciation for anything his husband cooks!

David Dodge - Executive Editor

David Dodge is a writer, researcher and LGBTQ advocate with a special interest in parenting, politics and travel. He’s written extensively for The New York Times, HuffPost Queer Voices, The Advocate, Travel & Leisure and elsewhere. He is best known for chronicling his own journey to fatherhood in Sperm Donor Diary, a series of personal essays for The New York Times. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from New York University and a Masters of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. For more, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Rosalind Lonsdale - Director of Community & Sponsorships

Before joining our team, Rosalind gained extensive teaching and childcare experience in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada. Since our launch, she put her organizational skills and passion for learning to great use creating and cultivating our social media channels that are recognized today as the largest and most engaging gay dad channels world-wide.

She has a B.A. majoring in History, minoring in Archaeology and a Diploma Graduate Endorsed in Art History from the University of Otago in New Zealand. She also holds a Graduate Diploma from the New Zealand Graduate School of Teaching.

Joshua Zitting - eCommerce & Marketing Manager

Joshua has eight years experience and background in SEO, social media marketing, eCommerce and brand strategy. He created his agency in 2012 working with local businesses for lead generation and grew his agency over the years to work with larger companies like SMUD Energy of Sacramento and Red Rain Buddha Yoga Apparel which he helped build store revenues to over seven figures.

He also has a passion for teaching and has created multiple online courses in the marketing and eCommerce space, teaching over 6,500 students online. He’s an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and in his free time he’s a fitness junkie, YouTuber, traveler, snowboarder and cook.

Mark Leondires - Medical Director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) and GWK Medical Advisor

Dr. Mark Leondires is the founder and Medical Director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), the founder of Gay Parents To Be, a family building resource for the LGBTQ+ community and a founder here at Gays With Kids®. He is board-certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Leondires set up his practice with one main focus in mind – to help each and every patient succeed in building the family they desire. He has been recognized nationally for his work in reproductive endocrinology, including being named amongst the Best Doctors in America, and Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors for several consecutive years.

In addition to serving as Chair of American Society for Reproductive Medicine's LGBTQ Special Interest Group, Dr. Leondires is currently a member of Resolve's Physician Council, and is a tireless advocate for inclusive reproductive services for everyone! Dr. Leondires and his husband are proud parents of two children conceived through egg donation and surrogacy.

Sam Hyde - President of Circle Surrogacy and GWK Surrogacy Advisor

Circle is the most experienced surrogacy and egg donation agency in the world. Sam is committed to the cause after experiencing his own fertility challenges when starting his family.

Sam and his wife have two thriving girls with the help of IVF so it’s something he continues to be passionate about.

Molly Rampe Thomas, MSW, LISW-S - Founder and CEO of Choice Network and GWK Adoption / Foster Care Advisor

Choice Network is a nationally recognized LGBTQ and pro-choice adoption agency. Molly has built and sustained her agency out of love for her daughter’s first mom, calling her and her daughter the spark that started it all. Molly also proudly sits on the Abortion Care Network board of directors. Molly has received numerous awards for her work, including Abortion Care Network’s Person of the Year Award, Columbus Ohio’s 40 Under 40, Sunny 95's Outstanding Woman of the Year, Columbus CEO Top 5, and the National Association of Social Worker’s Lifetime Achievement Award. When she isn’t working for families, she is loving on her own- including her husband Garrick, and three kids Gia, Louie and Penelope.

The GWK Timeline


Brian and his husband Ferd launch Gays With Kids, a revolutionary website devoted exclusively to sharing the experience of gay, bi and trans dads as they create and raise their families.


Gays With Kids becomes the world’s largest online library of accurate and positive portrayals of fatherhood, all through a lens that’s relatable for gay, bi and trans dads.


Our online community hits 100K followers. Gays WIth Kids continues to build traction in the parenting space and gain sponsorships and connections to pioneer our mission.


Our social media following skyrockets to 250,000 and we publish our 1,000th article. 


In recognition of a new generation of queer kids, Gays With Kids rebrands as GWK and launches a new site - with an unrivaled collection of resources, an inclusive online platform and exciting new opportunities to connect with other queer dads across the world.

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