Weirdest Places Dads Have Changed Diapers

A couple of months ago, we brought you a story about the lack of changing room stations in men's room, and the particular set of challenges this poses for gay dads. To help drive home this point, we asked you to tell us the oddest places you've been forced to change a diaper while out in public using the hashtag #DadsDoDiapers.

We've rounded up your responses! Below are the best (or worst?) examples we received. (We feel for you dads! We've been there, too!) Think you got these beat? Tell us about your own diaper dramas using hashtag: #DadsDoDiapers


"A Booth at Golden Corral"

We had many responses from dads who, finding no changing stations in the men's room, have instead changed diapers right in booths of their favorite restaurant. Maybe that'll teach these "family friendly" restaurants to be a bit more friendly to all families? "Oh let's see," Timothy wrote us, who said the worst place he had to change a diaper was at "a booth at a Golden Corral... lol  "

"Woman's Restroom"

With no changing room in the men's room, many dads have simply marched on in to the women's room to use the one conveniently provided to moms.

Michael tells us for example: "Well, at a restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale I was so frustrated that there was, once again, no changing table in the men's room I asked a woman to stand outside the ladies room and I went in and used the changing table in there while several woman stood outside and waited."

Frank had a similar experience: "No change table in the men's room, so I waltz on into the ladies room... no shame! I ain't changing my baby on the floor."

"Right on the Bathroom Floor"

Faced with no better option, many dads have pinched their and done the deed right on the bathroom floor. Sæþór tells us he changed his baby on the floor of a dirty truck stop. Fadzi did the same on the floor of a men's room in a tiny stall of a department store. I think we can all agree with the general sentiment expressed by these poor dads in a pinch:

 "In the Bathroom Sink"

Sinks were surprisingly popular spots for dads on diaper duty. Benjamin told us he once had to change a diaper in the sink of a park bathroom. Brian did the same in a restaurant just over the Canadian/US boarder. I'm sure the Internet will agree when we say sinks are better spots for cats, not babies:

"Back Seat of My Ford"

Many dads, after discovering the lack of a changing station in the mens room, run to the only other place they can think of to give their tot a bit of privacy: their car. As Byron told us, "Several times we changed the baby in the trunk, or back seat of the car since most places don't have changing tables in the men's room. We always go prepared with our own changing pad. It's frustrating trying to do it in the rain!"


Fortunately, a movement is afoot to get changing stations installed in men's rooms across the country. Last October, President Obama signed the Bathroom Accessible in Every Situation (BABIES) Act, which requires diaper-changing stations to be installed in the men’s rooms of federal buildings like courthouses and post offices. New York State Senator Brad Hoylman also recently introduced a bill that would require all newly renovated places of public accommodation in the state to provide a changing station in the men’s room.

We at Gays With Kids are cheering these changes. But we need more legislators and businesses to follow suit! So to demonstrate the need for further action, keep the comments coming: where’s the craziest place you’ve had to change your little one’s drawers thanks to a lack of a diaper-changing station in the men’s room? The hood of your car? The romance section of a Barnes & Nobles? Let us know on social media using hashtag: #DadsDoDiapers


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