Watch The Trailer For New Pete Buttigieg Documentary

The trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s new documentary Mayor Pete has finally dropped! 

Director Jesse Moss’ in-depth look at U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s life has already premiered at the Chicago Film Festival, New York’s NewFest, and the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis. Next month, viewers with Amazon Prime will be able to watch it from the comfort of their own home.

Sec. Pete Buttigieg has had a lot of historic firsts as an out gay man, including being the first out U.S. presidential candidate, and the first confirmed out gay cabinet member. As of September, he also became the U.S. cabinet’s first gay dad.

Mayor Pete, which hits Amazon Prime on November 12th, takes viewers inside Buttigieg’s headline-generating campaign to be the youngest U.S. President, giving the audience unprecedented intimacy with the then-candidate, his husband Chasten, and their team.


“This is the only chance you’ll ever get to vote for a Maltese American, left-handed, Episcopalian, gay war veteran mayor and millennial,” Buttigieg jokes with a crowd of supporters in the documentary.

According to Amazon, the film will show the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana during the earliest days of the campaign, through his unlikely, triumphant victory in Iowa and beyond, revealing what goes on inside a campaign for the highest office in the land, and how it changes the lives of those involved in it.

Along with a detailed view of Buttigieg’s life on the campaign trail, the film also offers a first-hand experience of the stress, the long hours, and the bright lights of his life in politics.

Sec. Buttigieg also discusses his experience of coming out of the closet while holding the office of mayor, saying; “That was for everybody who has tried to figure out how to be who they are.”

The audience also gets an intimate peek at how Buttigieg’s rise through the political ranks has impacted his relationships, including with husband Chasten.

“You’re going to tell every single gay kid in this country, that it gets better,” Chasten tells his husband in the documentary.

Watch the trailer for Mayor Pete here:


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