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Scotland Becomes First Country to Require LGBTQ+ Curriculum in Schools

Scotland made history last week as the first country in the world to require LGBTQ+ curriculum to be taught in all Scottish schools.

All educators across Scotland will now have access to an online awareness course on LGBTQ+ inclusive education, and a toolkit of LGBTQ+ inclusive education teaching resources. Students will also have access to a website for resources for young people.


Teaching will focus on LGBTQ+ identities, issues, and history, with the goal of promoting equality, reducing bullying, and improving the educational experiences of LGBTQ+ children and young people, according to The Scotsman.

The move has been praised by LGBTQ+ advocates and allies, especially as Scotland has not previously been a world leader on queer issues; homosexuality was only decriminalized in Scotland in 1980, 13 years after England and Wales.

Scotland’s Children’s Minister Clare Haughey said the launch of LGBTQ+ affirming resources for teachers and students will ensure the country’s teaching curriculum is as diverse as the young people who learn it.


“I am proud to say that Scotland is leading the way as the first country in the world to embed LGBT inclusive education right across the curriculum,” Haughey said. “By doing so, we can help young people to reach their full potential and flourish in a diverse and inclusive society.”

Meanwhile, only seven U.S. states have an LGBTQ-affirming school curriculum; California, Colorado, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., and Washington state. 

At least seven other U.S. states have banned sex education that "promotes a homosexual lifestyle," also known as the discriminatory “No Promo Homo” laws, including Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas.

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