Roundup of Our Favorite #DadsCare Videos from Dove+Men Care

One of our main motivations for launching GWK in 2014 was to fill the void of content created specifically for gay, bi and trans dads — but the truth is content for all dad, queer or otherwise, is sorely lacking. 

That's why we are thrilled to partner with Dove Men+Care on a great YouTube series, featuring an ever-growing list of videos created by dads, for dads. Many dads in our community contributed videos that were helpful, insightful, funny and touching — and everything in between. And we've been excited to see all the great content shared by other dads as well. 

We've rounded up some of our favorites below! 

John and Rodney, On Talking to Kids About Inequality


Talking to your children about inequality may sound daunting, but it’s important to have these conversations at their level when they’re young. John Hart from GWK and his partner Rodney are here to share what has worked for them.

Brandon, On Talking with Kids About Unemployment 


With so many families facing challenges with unemployment, it’s important to talk about it with your children. Brandon Billinger from City Dads Group is here to share how to have an open, honest dialogue, so your kids can understand what’s going on.  

Andrew, On Talking to Kids About White Privilege


How can white parents of Black children recognize their privileges and in turn help their kids navigate this complex world we live in? Andrew Kohn from GWK shares tips on how to acknowledge your own privilege, combat micro-aggressions in your community, and give your kids the tools they need to stand up for themselves. 

Jose, On How to Entertain Your Kids at Home


Keeping your little ones entertained can be challenging for parents, especially in the era of social distancing and quarantine. Need ideas? Jose from GWK has got you covered! Watch as he shares some of his favorite ways to keep them having fun.

David, On Helping Kids Adjust to Distance Learning


Getting your kids to adjust to distance learning doesn’t happen overnight. In this video, David Blacker provides some clever tips and tricks he’s picked up while parenting from home these last few weeks.

Michael, On Teaching Kids to Protect the Environment


When it comes to protecting the environment, everyone has a role to play. Michael Moebes from City Dads Group shares how he and his daughter help protect the environment each day. From gardening to recycling, these tips are sure to make an impact on your family and our world

Brian and Ferd, On Keeping the Family Healthy During Quarantine 


Staying healthy while most of us are still stuck at home isn’t easy. Our cofounders, Brian and Ferd, share how they’ve been keeping their family healthy during these challenging times.

Ben, On Finding Ways to Connect with Your Kids


Connecting with your child isn't always easy. Luckily, Ben Killoy from Dad 2.0 shares some handy tips to better equip dads to get on their kids' level.

Brent, On Getting Crafty with Your Kids


Looking for the perfect way to encourage your kids to express their creativity? Thankfully, Brent Almond from City Dads Group knows a thing or two about getting crafty with your kiddos. Grab whatever supplies you have around the house and get ready to let their imaginations run wild.

Sean, On Managing Your Kids' Screen Time


Managing your kids' screen time is a job in itself. Thankfully, Sean Williams from The Dad Gang shares how he tackles this challenge with his own kids.


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