New Report Finds Paid Family Leave Rising Among Top Employers

PL+US, an organization that advocates for paid family leave policies for all families, released a report that showed paid family and medical leave policies gaining steam among the nation's top employers. In a first, the non-profit expanded its research this year to examine the largest employment sectors in the country to help show what policies look like for workers in different sectors.

Among the report's main findings:

Paid family leave momentum is building across the country

Paid family and medical leave momentum in the private sector shows no sign of slowing. In 2019 13 of the employers that we've historically tracked announced new or expanded policies, benefitting an estimated 2.4 million working people.

Notably, more employers are expanding policies to address the caregiving crisis - 27% of employers provide paid caregiving leave to some portion of their employees, which is up from 16% last year.

But those who need paid family leave the most are least likely to have it

Sectors that include large numbers of women, people of color, and low-wage workers are the least likely to provide paid time off to care for children or loved ones. These include industries like trade, transportation and utilities, education and healthcare.

Now is the time to enact a national paid family leave policy 

Employers are increasingly joining investors, small business leaders, and employees by signaling support for a national paid family and medical leave policy.

The gaps in employer coverage show that a national policy is the solution for the millions of working people in sectors without paid leave and for those who are working as contractors, part-time employees, and in the gig economy.

Read the full report here.

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