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Netflix Pre-K Show Features Two Dads, Non-Binary Character

Missing necklace? Rogue penguin? Ridley Jones and her inclusive cast of friends are here to save the day. The new cartoon series for preschool-aged kids was released on Netflix earlier this month, featuring a few different LGBTQ+ characters.

Ridley Jones, focuses on a 6-year-old girl who lives with her family in a treehouse inside the Museum of Natural History. She is joined by a cast of animal characters who come alive after-hours inside the museum, including Fred the Bison, whose pronouns are they/them.


Fred, who combs their hair into horns, wants to be the biggest and toughest member of the team, although they are undeniably adorable. Fred even volunteers to be the “Bison Bodyguard” of their group, The Eyes of the Museum, on their nightly adventures.

When Ridley asks if Fred is “a he or a she,” Peaches the Monkey steps in and responds that “they’re just a Fred.”

There are other LGBTQ+ characters featured throughout Ridley Jones too. In one episode, Ismat the Mummy Queen introduces Ridley to her two fathers, who are also both Mummies. 


The “Mummy Daddies” are voiced by two gay actors; Chris Colfer and Andrew Rannells, and Ezra Menas, who voices the character of Fred, is also nonbinary.

The show hit Netflix’s top ten list on July 15th. Creator Chris Nee, who also created Doc McStuffins and Vampirina, said the goal with Ridley was to tell a girl's-eye view of a hero's story. 

“We need to ask boys to invest in girls' narrative journeys in the same way we expect girls to follow boys' stories,” she said. “I think that training lasts a lifetime and is destructive.”

Watch the trailer below:



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