Molly Shannon Opens Up About Her Gay Dad

In her post-SNL career, actress Molly Shannon is known for tackling a diverse array of roles in film and television, appearing in everything from the dramedy Divorce on HBO to the animated Bob's Burgers on Fox. But two of her most recent projects---Miles and Other People---have something in common: they have prominent gay characters.

After a recent screening of Miles, Shannon explained she has deliberatively sought out projects with an LGBTQ focus for a very specific reason: her father is gay, but didn't come out to her until much later in his life.

"My dad was gay and closeted," Shannon said during a Q&A according to The Advocate. "He was 72 when he told me. He told me he was gay right before he died," Shannon continued. "We were sitting at the pool at the Four Seasons, and I said, 'Have you ever thought you might be gay?' He said, 'Most definitely.' And then we drove to Ohio and talked about it for the next 72 hours."

As a result, Shannon has found herself drawn to help tell people's coming out stories. In both Miles and Other People, she plays the mother to young gay men.

"All stories about people being gay and coming out, I’m just so attracted to," she said. "It was my whole childhood. My whole life. I was the child of somebody who had to keep that secret. So anything I can do to let that out and tell all those stories is the most important thing to me."

Read more on the Advocate.

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