Live in Massachusetts? Vote 'YES' on Ballot Question #3 to Protect Trans Rights

This November 6th, ballot question #3 in Massachusetts puts transgender individuals at risk of losing their civil rights. In 2016, the state passed a landmark non-discrimination law that prohibits discrimination against trans people in public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, parks, bathrooms, locker rooms and more. But an anti-LGBT group collected enough signatures to put a repeal effort on this ballot this year that, if approved by voters, will remove these protections from public accommodation non-discrimination law.

If that happens, trans people could legally be kicked out of any place open to the public simply for being themselves. Massachusetts would also then be the first state to ever go backwards by removing such protections. This would be horrible for Massachusetts' reputation, businesses and economy. (North Carolina lost an estimated $1 billion due to the passing of legislation requiring individuals to use restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates.) And most importantly, it would put transgender people at risk! Scary enough, the anti-LGBTQ advocates behind the measure decided to focus on Massachusetts first because they feel confident if they can remove these protections in a liberal state like ours, they can likely do the same in many other states.

Gays With Kids asks that you please inform every Massachusetts resident you know to VOTE YES ON 3! A YES vote will uphold Massachusetts' current non-discrimination laws, which include transgender protections. Please go to for more information and to join the coalition of thousands of businesses, communities, civic groups and individuals who are committed to voting YES ON 3.

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