Israel Postpones Vote on Amendment to Allow Gay Men to Access Surrogacy

This past week, Israel's Ministerial Committee on Legislation voted to postpone an amendment to Israel's surrogacy law that would expand state-supported surrogacy eligibility to single men and gay couples. Currently, such support is only granted to married heterosexual couples.

"There is no limit to the shame and hypocrisy of this government," said Yesh Atid MK Yael German, the sponsor of the amendment, following the committee's decision to postpone the vote. "The delay is proof that the prime minister is acting against the gay community."

This development is the latest in the political saga that begun this past summer, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voted against an amendment that would have allowed single and gay men to access surrogacy after previously stating he would support it. The move caused thousands of LGBTQ individuals and allies to protest in the streets of Tel Aviv this past summer.

German said, for her part, that she "will not give up," and that she will "call upon members of the coalition to vote according to their conscience and let the bill pass."

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