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Gov. Jared Polis’ Wedding Marks Another First For Gay Dads In Office

Colorado’s Democratic Governor Jared Polis married his longtime partner Marlon Reis this week, marking the first same-sex wedding of a sitting U.S. Governor.

Dads-of-two, Polis and Reis were married on Wednesday September 15th in a traditional Jewish ceremony at Reis’ alma mater, the University of Colorado in Boulder. 

They chose a date special to them; the 18th anniversary of their first date, according to NPR.

"We met online and went out on a date, and we went to the Boulder bookstore and then went to dinner," Polis said.


The couple's 7-year-old daughter Cora served as the flower girl during their mid-week ceremony, while their 9-year-old son Caspian was the ring bearer. 

Polis said Cora was excited to be part of the small private ceremony, and she had even been practicing her moves.

"She was all in on being a flower girl,” he told NPR. “She's been prancing around. She got a great dress. She's terrific."

While their son was also looking forward to his dads’ wedding, Reis said Caspian was fairly ambivalent about the event.

"Kids are so modern that their responses to things are sometimes funny,” Reis explained. “Our son honestly asked us, 'Why do people get married?'” Reis said he replied that there are legal rights afforded to married couples, and that it's an "expression of the caring that you feel for one another."

It’s not the first time Gov. Polis has made history in the political world. In 2008, he was the first openly gay man elected to the U.S. House. In 2011 with the birth of their son, Polis became the first openly gay parent in the U.S. Congress. And in 2018, he became the first openly gay man ever elected U.S. governor.

"People could say we took 18 years to get around to it, or you could say we took six years to get around to it," Polis said, referring to the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. "But it was great to celebrate our love for one another with our family."

Shortly after they tied the knot, Polis posted a photo to social media of the couple exchanging their vows, and hinted at why they chose now to say “I do.”

“The greatest lesson we have learned over the past eighteen months is that life as we know it can change in an instant. We are thankful for the health and wellbeing of our family and friends, and the opportunity to celebrate our life together as a married couple,” he said. “After eighteen years together, we couldn't be happier to be married at last.”

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