For Father's Day, Dove Men+Care Honors Black Dads Taken Too Soon

Father's Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year for us queer dads. It's a chance to honor and celebrate our parenting partner (and have him celebrate us), to honor and celebrate our own dad and/or dad role model, or even encourage the kids to make a big deal about us (for a change).

But what if your husband had no partner to celebrate? And your kids lost their dad? This is the horrific reality for far too many Black families whose husbands and fathers have lost their lives to racism and violence, leaving behind bereaved families.

As long time collaborators and friends of Dove Men+Care, at Gays With Kids we are heartened to see their response to this important issue. In honor of way too many dads lost, and way too many families torn apart, they've established the Fathers Taken Fund to support Black families who have lost loved ones to racism and violence. Even better, they launched the fund with their own $1 million donation to support these families left behind.


Father's Day Taken | Dove Men+Care



You can add your own donation to support Black Lives by making a donation now at

We also appreciate the brand's "deepening commitment to fighting systemic racism through funding, ongoing support and new initiatives."

It's been an honor for Gays With Kids to advocate alongside Dove Men+Care for paternity leave for *ALL* dads. Now we proudly stand beside them as we fight for systemic change and equality for our Black family and friends.

To learn more about Dove's commitment to ending systematic racism, visit


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