Bubly and Family Equality Team Up to Support LGBTQ+ Families

Bubly x Family Equality Team Up To Support LGBTQ+ Parents

Non-profit organization Family Equality, which helps LGBTQ+ parents navigate legal obstacles, has partnered with Bubly sparkling water to launch a new campaign aimed at raising funds and awareness for the obstacles LGBTQ+ parents and parents-to-be face on the path to parenthood – including bias, discrimination and lack of legal protections.

The Bubly x Family Equity campaign launched in honor of International Equality Day on May 2nd. According to spokesperson Kelly Rada, Bubly is not only making a donation to support Family Equity’s mission, it is also providing avenues for allies to donate as well.

“For LGBTQ+ families the path to parenthood is long and often complicated,” Bubly said in an Instagram post. “To celebrate #InternationalFamilyEqualityDay… we’re partnering with @familyequality to create a book to make the process (a bit) more clear, a baby registry where you can donate to support lgbtq+ parents, and we’ll be elevating family stories.”

On Friday May 7th, Bubly plans to release an LGBTQ+ edition of the book “The Path To Parenthood,” illustrated by Wednesday Holmes. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support Family Equality’s mission to help LGBTQ+ parents-to-be navigate their own path to parenthood.

Bubly said it will also be highlighting stories of LGBTQ+ families on its Instagram page

“Our series ‘In The Process’ puts a spotlight on real stories from real parents,” the company said.

Then there is a Bubly Baby Registry, which isn’t really a baby registry at all. It’s a donation location that features images of regular registry items, like bottles and onesies, but instead of being able to purchase them, each item represents an amount that allies can donate to Family Equality.

For example, donors can choose the “In Court Appearance Bear”, which starts with a suggested donation price of $25.

“Who knew starting a family would start with a lawyer?” the donation page says. “But they’re actually a big expense for LGBTQ+ parents who have to appear in court to get on their child’s birth certificate, proceed through adoption or a foster care program, and a bunch of other stuff.”

Or there’s the “Surrogate Sippy Cup” option, which begins with $75 suggested donations to Family Equality. The organizations said funds are needed to help LGBTQ+ families trying for a family through surrogacy.

“It’s expensive,” the donation site says. “Especially if you can’t prove your “infertility” to get a little help from your insurance. Which, if you think about it, isn’t really possible for many LGBTQ+ parents-to-be.”

While the site is merely a fun way to bring in donors, Bubly and Family Equality do note that there are no actual items for sale.

“Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging. None of these products are actually for sale, but the costs they represent are very, very real,” the company said. “Please donate whatever you can – prices are just the recommended donation.”

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