Asia's first gay parenting web-series has launched

Asia’s First Gay Parenting Webseries Has Launched

Asia’s first web series about gay parenting has launched on GagaOOLala. “Papa & Daddy” stars Malaysian-Chinese actor and singer Melvin Sia and Taiwanese actor Mike Lin as a couple who form their family through surrogacy.

GagaOOLala, a streaming platform for LGBTQ+ content based in Taiwan, released the 6-part series last week.

“Papa & Daddy” is a family comedy that celebrates gay parenting and highlights real-life challenges and triumphs of gay parents, reports.

Sia plays Damian, a recent divorcé who opens the restaurant of his dreams. There, Damian meets Lin’s character Jerry, a YouTube vlogger who hasn’t come out to his family yet. Despite Lin’s character being closeted, the couple starts a family via surrogacy anyway. The show focuses on the couple’s life parenting their 4-year-old son KaiKai, while Lin’s mother continues to pressure him to marry a woman.

In the first episode, entitled “What is a mommy?” Damian and Jerry face their first challenge as gay dads; how to explain their son’s origin story to him as he starts to ask more questions about their family.

“I am highly honored to have had the chance to take on the role of Damian and have done my level best to rightfully portray his character,” Sia said in the Hornet article. “While much of the world is gradually becoming accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, it is clear that Asia is largely [lagging] behind.”

Sia added that there is “barely any” LGBTQ+ content that makes it to the theaters or mainstream television, especially from where he comes from in Malaysia.

“With “Papa & Daddy” and GagaOOLala, I genuinely believe we can reach out to a larger online audience and ultimately, amplify the message of love and acceptance, diversity and equality for all, regardless of one’s sexual orientation,” he said.

The CEO of GagaOOLala, Jay Lin, is not only a gay father, he is also the inspiration behind “Papa & Daddy,” reports.

“As a gay parent myself, I have heard people question whether children raised under LGBTQ+ households could grow up physically and psychologically healthy,” Jay Lin said. “I see Papa & Daddy as a personal opportunity to help shape the narrative on the modern family and in the process assist LGBTQ+ individuals who have contemplated starting a family.”

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