Announcing GWK the Podcast!

Gays With Kids the Podcast is finally here! Each week, the folks behind will be joined by gay dad guests and experts to talk about the news that matters to the LGBTQ+ parenting community, and to hear some of the amazing stories about how gay, bi and trans men are forming their families.

On our first episode join GWK founder Brian Rosenberg, executive editor David Dodge, associate editor/staff writer Brit Smith, and contributing writer Giovhan Dejoie to discuss the organizers of NYCPride’s move to cancel all contracts with New York Police Department, and to ban officers from marching in uniform. 


We also discuss whether kids and kink can really coexist at Pride, after Twitter lit up about a real-life "Won't Someone Think of the Children" moment when a parent requested all gays keep their leather at home this Pride so the kids can safely attend.

And we talk about 21-year-old Weston Charles-Gallo, a gay former-foster youth from Missouri who found a loving family with two dads, who testified to Congress in support of the Every Child Deserves A Family Act, and what that bill would mean to same-sex foster families.

Remember to vote for the winner of the GWKHero Award from June 14-17. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio app, or wherever you listen to podcasts for new episodes every Wednesday. Learn more about GaysWithKids at NYC Pride's Family Move Night at

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