"A Life Changing Moment": Gay Men Celebrate Recent Births and Adoptions!

Take a break from pandemic news to help us say CONGRATS to all the men in our community on their recent births and adoptions!

Wishing all of these gay dads congratulations on their exciting news this month. From pregnancy announcements, to becoming first-time dads, congrats to everyone in our community on their recent births and adoptions!

Congratulations to dads Randy and Nicholas on welcoming their daughter Raye!

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Randy and Nicolas had been in the adoption process for several years and had sadly experienced just as many failed adoptions. From birth mothers changing their minds, to spending time with another birth mom in hospital before she admitted that she had no intention of allowing the dads to adopt her daughter but needed the financial support to get through her pregnancy. "This was heart-breaking for us and we took almost a year off to regroup," shared the dads.

One Friday afternoon, they received an email informing them about a baby had been born in Texas and was available for adoption."We jumped on a plane early the next morning to pick up our beautiful daughter!" said Nicholas. "She was born on October 10, 2019, and holding Raye for the first time in the hospital was one of the most beautiful and emotional moments in our life. She was so little and from the first moment we saw her we were in love!"

The family of three currently live in Tampa, Florida, and Martigues, France. They're a bi-citizen couple and plan to raise Raye in both countries. "She's already learning French, English and Spanish!" Congrats to this forever family of three!

Congratulations to dads Trevor and Juan on the becoming dads to baby Connor!


Trevor and Juan live in London, Ontario and became dads through altruistic surrogacy. Their son Connor was born in June 5, 2019, and the dads hearts grew ten-fold!

But it was a long road to welcome little Connor. After starting to work with an agency in 2016, their first surrogate unfortunately did not work out. "Looking back, we did see a lot of red flags that we should have been concerned with," shared Trevor. "However, having gone through a failed match, it was eye opening and made our resolve much stronger to having a child of our own."

Just a few months later, they were matched with someone who lived only 3 hours away and due to the relatively close distance, they were able to be much more involved in the journey. "[From then on] our journey was amazing and to this day, we sometimes can't believe it all happened; the three of us got along great. The transfer fortunately took on the first attempt with an embryo made from an egg donor."

The dads welcomed Connor at 32 weeks and they had to stay in the hospital for 21 days but with no long-term complications. "We joke that he wanted to come early to see the Raptors win the NBA finals as we watched the clinching game on an 18in TV in the NICU, and it was well worth it!"

Today, Connor is 8 months old and doing very well. His personality is shining through. The family of three has an ongoing relationship with their surrogate whose own son refers to Connor as his "Tummy Brother." "We very much hope that they can have a relationship when they get older as well."

Congratulations to dads Brian and Scot on welcoming twins Colton and Riley!


Long Island couple Brian and Scot met in college nine years ago and shared very early on that it was really important to both of them that children be a part of their future. "This dream helped us fall in love!" said Brian.

After they felt established in their careers, gotten married, bought a house and become fur daddies to two golden retrievers, they decided it was time to embark on their next adventure: fatherhood. "It was finally time to start the family we always wanted."

"We chose surrogacy as the right path for us. It was a financial and time commitment but knew it would be so worth it. We had some ups and downs while searching for an egg donor but finally matched over Thanksgiving 2018! Shortly after that we matched with our surrogate and had a successful transfer of two embryos in May of 2019."

On December 30, 2019, the husbands welcomed twins Colton and Riley, seven weeks early. "It was a life changing moment that we will never forget. It was the perfect to end 2019 and start the rest of our lives!"

Congratulations to dads Thomas and Jamie for welcoming their daughter Echo!

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Jamie and Thomas met in London during the summer of 2013. And by September 2014, they were married! Thomas agreed to leave England and move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to have Jamie's aunt move in with the husbands, thus beginning the foundation fo their multigenerational household. "It's not always easy," said Jamie, "but it's so rewarding."

After five years together, Aunt Shelia offered to help them start their surrogacy journey. 18 months later, they welcomed their beautiful daughter Echo. She's the youngest in the family, joining her dads, her great aunt, and three havanese pups - Buffy, Cordelia and Giles.

"The first time we held Echo we truly felt as though our hearts now existed outside of our bodies," said Jamie. "She was perfect and the most incredible addition to our multigenerational modern family. We are so excited to watch her grow and discover world around her."

Congratulations to dads Andreas and Rasmus on the birth of their son Matteo!

Dads Andreas and Rasmus recently welcomed their son Matteo on March 8 this year. "We have a daughter, Marit who was born in May 2018 (you can read about their flight home here with Niall Horann) and Matteo is our second child born through surrogacy. "We have always known that we wanted two kids."

"Holding Matteo was surreal," shared Andreas. "The birth went so fast, and the pregnancy in general went so fast this time. The days just fly on when you have a toddler that keeps you occupied."

The Danish dads hope to fly home soon and collect their eldest who is currently at home with her grandparents. The family of four cannot wait to be reunited and to introduce their newest addition to the extended family.

Congratulations to dad Dwight on the birth of his daughter Aria!

New York City resident Dwight became a first-time dad on January 20 this year when he welcomed his daughter, Aria, through surrogacy!

"I always knew I wanted to be a dad from as far as I could remember, and although I'm not in a relationship I knew I was ready," said the new dad. "I worked with an amazing fertility clinic in California and was matched with an awesome surrogate. My relationship with my surrogate grew throughout the process and I now consider her a part of my family."

"The most surprising thing about fatherhood so far has been how quickly my daughter is growing. Each week is a surprise as she develops new and interesting skills. She's already taught me so much including patience and unconditional love."

Congrats to this family of two!

Congratulations to dads Tyler and Michael on finalizing the adoption of their son Luke!


Erie, Pennsylvania, dads Tyler and Michael decided to become foster parents to help local children and with the hope that one day they'd become forever dads. That day has just come true!

"Finalizing our son's adoption was the most amazing thing we've ever done!"

The new forever family celebrated with 25 close friends and family at the court house and then had a joyful dinner later that night. Huge congrats to the forever family of three!

Congratulations to dads Kyle and Justin on finalizing the adoption of their son Elliot!


Husbands Kyle and Justin live in the 'burbs just outside Los Angeles, California, and they recently finalized the adoption of their son, Elliot, on February 10! "Our finalization day was incredibly special, because unbeknownst to the judge it was one year to the day of us first holding our son!" The family's friends, relations, and Elliot's biological mother and grandmother were in attendance and, as Kyle shared, "there wasn't a dry eye in the house."

The dads shared with each other on their very first date that fatherhood would be apart of their future, but neither could've comprehended how profound the experience would be. "We began the adoption process shortly after our wedding, knowing that it could take a few years," said Kyle. "Since I'm older, my goal was 'a newborn before 40.' Fate of course had other plans, and we matched within 3 months to a mother who had already given birth. We did everything backwards after getting him: baby showers AFTER the baby, setting up a nursery AFTER the baby was already home, and figuring out what we really needed and not what baby blogs told us we needed."

The dads can't believe how much Elliot's personality is exploding and evolving every day. "Showing him the world makes us appreciate everything more than we ever have. It really is about the simple things in life."

Congratulations to dads Danie and Antony on finalizing the parental order of their son!


British husbands Danie and Antony are one of those love stories. "From the moment we clapped eyes on each other, we both just knew," said Danie. "Whether it was instinctual or serendipity, you call it whatever you want, but for us it was love at first sight." The men had always known from a young age that they would be fathers one day, and as soon as they were engaged they began their preparation for fatherhood.

The chose to pursue surrogacy and hit a few stumbling blocks within the healthcare system. "It honestly felt like every day we battled just to be recognized as a potential parent to this new life that was growing." But when they finally welcomed their son into the world, their lives changed forever. "It was the most emotional day of our lives; no words can ever do it justice. As the two of us stood there, our son was handed to Antony to do the first skin-to-skin contact and it was bliss. Finally having him in his arms, holding him so close. He was so tiny and precious, this bundle of joy that our imaginations tried to see what he would look and sound like as he grew."

Six weeks after the birth, as is required for UK surrogacy journeys, the dads applied for their parental order. It's a complicated process but the dads soon learned they had nothing to fear. Before they knew it, they were appearing before a magistrate and they were officially their son's dads.

"We are now a family of three, yet wonder if we as a family are complete yet. Whether we are or not, one thing we do know is that we are definitely 100% content."

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