Coming Out

Advice on Coming Out to Your Kids From Gay Dads Who've Been There

We surveyed gay dads who have come out to their kids later in life to share their top lessons and advice.

“Take it back!"

You'll often hear those three words come from the mouth of a child. Usually they're in response to a playground tease, the common kind of slander — four eyes! metal mouth! — that kids get over fast. But when California dad Steve sat his three sons on the living room couch, the news he had to share was of much greater consequence. So when his 11-year old middle son burst into tears and shrieked those three words, the reaction pierced his dad's already-anxious heart.

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Academic duties aside, the college years are not necessarily a time of great responsibility. Between spring breaks and frat parties, they're basically adolescence with a beer budget. But when Frankie Presslaff was still an undergraduate, he found himself undertaking the greatest responsibility of all, fatherhood, under the most intimidating of circumstances: He wanted to adopt, and rescue, young brothers being raised in a deplorable drug den. And he fought tooth and nail against skeptical, discriminatory state agencies to do it.

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They’re raising several kids, solo. And whatever the stress, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Newly Out Gay Dads

“Out & About Dad”

Jim Joseph has built a hugely successful career in the world of marketing. He has launched exciting new products, promoted powerful businesses, and even authored a well-regarded book about the value of branding.

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You can’t hand a child a crayon box, then ask her to be color-blind.

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Book reports. “Twilight” fan fiction. Tweets to One Direction.

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As a professional jazz pianist, Tim Clausen knows a lot about making beautiful music on his own. But in writing his new book, “Love Together: Longtime Male Couples on Healthy Intimacy and Communication," he learned more than ever about what it takes for two people to create long-lasting harmony.

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Jesse is a gay dad. He's also a son. And like most sons, he wanted to make his father proud — even if that meant dating a woman.

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Fatherhood, the gay way

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