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Gay men hoping to become dads have more options today than ever before to make that dream a reality. Regardless of your chosen path to fatherhood, start here for resources, tips, and how-to guides to help gay dads-to-be navigate the journey
Every gay dad has an inspiring story to tell. Read on for incredible examples of gay men and their families living out and proud all across the globe.
LGBTQ families are have made incredible progress in recent years, but there is still much more work to be done. Read on for news and inspiring stories about LGBTQ families fighting for equality.
Gay men wanting to adopt have more options than ever, but challenges persist. See below for tips on navigating the adoption process.
Surrogacy provides gay men with a biological connection to their child, but the process is complex. These tips help navigate a surrogacy journey.
Read through the resources below for tips on how gay dads can best navigate the foster care system.
Co-parenting can be a unique and adaptable path for gay men hoping to become dads, but you need to be prepared.
Resources to help recently out men with children navigate their newfound identities as gay dads.
Trans men face unique opportunities and challenges on their path to fatherhood, explored in the resources below.
Our contributors are exploring every aspect of fatherhood from a gay lens--the poignant, the humorous, and everything in between.
There is no one way gay, bi and trans dads form their families and we've made it our mission to chronicle them all. Check out our collection of family profiles for stories that will inspire.
A collection of heartwarming photo essays of gay dads and their families.
Children's Books

But... Doesn't Everyone Need a Mom?

The creators of 'The Magic You' give advice on how to equip kids of LGBTQ parents to address sensitive questions from friends and classmates.

This is a guest post from the creators of 'The Magic of You'.

Kids ask the darndest things. They don't (usually) mean any harm, but simple questions can create real consternation for children of single and gay dads if they aren't prepared for them. These youngsters will undoubtedly get asked in the playground something along the lines of: "But doesn't everyone need a mom?".

We need to equip our children with the answers to questions like these. Clearly single and gay dads need help from a donor and/or a surrogate to create their family – and we want their children to understand, be comfortable with, and be able to communicate the role played by donors and surrogates.

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