Meet Dr. Guy Ringler of California Fertility Partners


California Fertility Partners has a unique history, said Dr. Guy Ringler, a partner at the clinic. "We helped create some of the first IVF babies," he said. In fact, the clinic's first baby was the world's sixth born through IVF. Many of these babies are now in their thirties and having children of their own.

As a gay man, Dr. Ringler is also personally committed to the cause of helping other members of the LGBTQ community build families. "We have always served the LGBTQ community, since our inception," said Dr. Ringler. 

 The clinic's commitment to the community has been strong ever since. With their new state-of-the-art facility, they remain one of the world's leading centers for fertility care through their commitment to providing the most advanced reproductive care in a personalized manner. 

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