Becoming A Dad: Surrogacy

Surrogacy & IVF provides gay, bi and trans men a wonderful way to have a biological connection to their child — check out this page for step-by-step instructions, family profiles, personal essays and more as you consider embarking on your own surrogacy and IVF journey!

Sebastian and Johnny welcome their second son through surrogacy & IVF

Surrogacy & IVF Course Curriculum

Surrogacy & IVF provides queer men the opportunity to build biological families, which is why many choose this route. However, the process is lengthy, complicated and expensive — our step-by-step Surrogacy & IVF Curriculum, featuring top experts in the field, will provide answers to your most important questions as you begin to navigate the process. 

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Meet Our Surrogacy & IVF Experts

GWK is partnering with top surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics — with a track record of success in helping queer men form families — to get you answers to your questions and guide you through your journey, start to finish. Learn more about our experts here! 

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