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Whether you are just conducting some early research, you are ready to get started on your journey, or you are already on your way to fatherhood, you have come to the right place.

Our goal is to help you complete your path to fatherhood by providing you with expert guidance along every step of the way. We have assembled trusted experts from adoption, foster care, and surrogacy to help you navigate what can be a complex journey. Each of these experts has been a leading advocate supporting LGBTQ+ family building for many years and/or their organizations have been at the forefront of supporting LGBTQ+ family building. Consider them our resident faculty, available to you at no cost.

We will continue to add to our network of trusted, vetted partners regularly with other providers of complementary services to provide you with even more support.

If and when you come across unforeseen challenges or roadblocks, no worries. GWK has been around since 2014, and we have shared thousands of stories of dads who have already created / grown their families. We promise…others before you have had to overcome very similar circumstances and are now proud dads. We have included their stories here in our “Becoming” section as we hope they inspire you to overcome your own unforeseen challenges.



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Here are the most common paths to fatherhood widely available to queer men. For those of you just getting started, your research should begin here.

(Note: Your country / state / province may have laws that prevent you from pursuing one or more of these paths.)

Partners to Fatherhood

Once you have determined which path to fatherhood best is the best match for you, or you and your husband, you will need to find the best providers to help you fulfill your parenting dream. Searching through directories of hundreds of providers is daunting and trying to conduct your own research is no less daunting, but even more time-consuming. Let us help you out.

We believe the best path to success is by working with the best partners. Remember our faculty mentioned above? They have been thoroughly vetted by GWK and each organization enjoys a long, successful and proven track record helping queer men create families. Our vetting includes reputation (among consumers and industry peers), longevity, track record and LGBTQ+ expertise as demonstrated through participation in HRC All Children-All Families and / or Family Equality Open Door.

Each of our surrogacy partners all work nationally and globally. So you can reach out to any and all of them, regardless of where you live. Things work differently for adoption and foster care.

If you live outside the service area of our partner adoption and foster agencies, no worries, we still have you covered. Thanks to our partnership with Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA), we can connect you with an agency local to your home state or province. These agencies have been vetted by the DTFA for, among other things, non-discrimination practices. To have us connect you with a local DTFA agency, please complete this quick form.


Adoption/Foster Care

Most adoption and foster agencies only service their local state or province. If you’re interested in pursuing adoption or foster care and you are not covered by any of these agencies, our partnership with Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) will connect you with a vetted agency in your local area by completing this brief form.

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