'Life Is Amazing': Congrats to Gay Dads Whose Families Recently Grew!

Help us congratulate gay dads on their recent births and adoptions last month!

Wishing all of these gay dads whose families expanded in the last month or so a lifetime of happiness! Congrats to everyone in our community on their recent births and adoptions!

Congratulations to dads David and Anthony on finalizing the adoption of their son, Gage!

David and Anthony Hatch started their path to fatherhood just over 2 years ago when they decided to become foster parents in the state of Massachusetts in the hopes of adopting. "With the help of a great friend and co-worker, we were introduced to Gage, and from the moment we met him we knew he was ours!"

On August 9, after 1214 days in foster care, the dads finalized the adoption of their son Gage.

"There was a big sense of relief and joy!" shared Anthony. "Anyone that has done the foster to adopt route can understand that!"

Friends and family gathered at the courthouse to celebrate the two dads and their son, and then they all went to dinner. "We are planning a big party in the fall, too!"

The forever family of three live in Monson, MA.

Congratulations to dads Randel and Elder on finalizing the adoption of their sons, Zavyon and Damion!

Randal and Elder began their fatherhood journey as foster parents. After Zavyon and Damion came into their care, it was three years till they were able to finalize their adoption.

The two sons were adoption on August 1, 2019. "The day the adoptions were finalized we felt our family was now complete," shared Randal. "We went to lunch with family and friends after appearing before the judge to sign the adoption orders."

The forever family of three live in Fluvanna, Virginia.

Congratulations to dads Andrew and Andrew on welcoming son Benjamin into their family! 

Benjamin Levi Zeus was born June 21, 2019, and quickly joined dads Andrew and Andrew, and big sister Olivia.

"His birth-parents are a wonderful couple; with old souls, in struggling young bodies," shared Andrew. "We spent time with them and they said they always knew this child was destined to be amazing, but needed more opportunity to do so!"

The dads had tried for several years and had one disruption and several opportunities that just didn't match up. "The day we were told about baby Benjamin, it felt right... it felt as though he was always our son."

Big sister Olivia is adjusting well, even though he came with zero notice. "On day two, she did ask if we could go back and exchange him for a funnier baby that didn't cry so much."

Each of Benjamin's names have meaning, and were bestowed upon him by his birth parents, "for whom without our family as we know, would not exist," said Andrew.

We're so happy for this Los Angeles family!

Congratulations to dads Anthony and Justin on welcoming twins, Aria and Preston! 

New Jersey husbands Anthony and Justin always wanted to be dads. "We started our surrogate journey nearly three years ago." They began by looking for an egg donor and a surrogate and that process alone took about a year and a half.

"Our first attempt ended being an ectopic pregnancy," said Justin. "During our second attempt, we lost our baby boy two days before our second trimester - that was extremely difficult. We took a few months off before trying again. Our last attempt, our surrogate said she wanted to try implanting two embryos and we completely agreed. When we first got pregnant, we were told only one took. We were bummed, yet thrilled to be pregnant at all! The next week, we found out that there were two! Even then, the doctors weren't confident that the second baby (girl) would survive because her numbers were much lower and she was not growing as quickly as her brother. Week by week, she proved everyone wrong & today she is such a fighter!"

In August, the twins were born early at 28 and a half weeks in Salt Lake City, Utah, much earlier than anticipated but they're doing well.

The third day after their birth, the nurse gave the dads permission to do their first skin to skin. "It was absolutely amazing feeling their tiny little bodies on ours. Feeling their quick shallow breaths, their fast heartbeats, their small jerks. We held them for about an hour that night. They were silent - so incredibly comfortable. Now we are holding them for up to 2 hours and each session, we fall more and more in love."

The dads are on a schedule with their kids, getting to the hospital around 7:30am, just in time for the 8am cuddles. "We stay for rounds, and the relax with the babies." They usually head out for lunch and a nap around 2 or 3pm, then they're back around 7pm to stay until 10 or 11pm. "We've only been here for 5 days and we have anywhere from 2-3 months left, but so far so good! We miss our families and friends who are all back home but we have an amazing relationship with our surrogate and her family/her in laws and we see them almost every day. Without them, I'm not sure how we would get through this! "

Congratulations to dads Michael and Doug on finalizing the adoption of Grayson!

On August 14, Baltimore dads Doug and Michael finalized the adoption of their son Grayson, and shared in an Instagram post, "Grayson, buckle your seatbelt because you are stuck with loud singing, college football Saturday, Cuban food, and non-stop loving from daddy and papa!"

The husbands have been together 7 years and were anxious in the months leading up to the finalization of our adoption and eager to have it completed. "When our lawyer called to tell us that our adoption was finalized, we were delighted that Grayson was officially ours," said Michael. "As one could imagine, it was a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders."

Congrats to this forever family of three!

Congratulations to dads Keegan and Paul on welcoming their daughter Poppy!

Keegan and Paul (and their dog Olive dog) spent more than two years working with an agency and going through the adoption process. "It was A LOT of paperwork and A LOT of waiting, but it was all worth it in the end."

Poppy joined her dads in June this year. "Holding Poppy for the first time was incredible," shared doting dad Keegan. "We are extremely lucky as we have a great relationship with birth mom and have an open adoption with her — there's never too much LOVE for little P!"

"Fatherhood so far is everything we dreamed and more," continued Keegan. "Waking up every day to her beautiful face and adorable smiles reminds us exactly how amazing life really is."

We're so happy for this family from Minnesota!

Congratulations to dads Steve and Richard on finalizing the adoption of daughter, Kennedy!

"We were fortunate to have an army of people help us through our journey to Kennedy," shared Kennedy's dads, Richard and Steve. "From our adoption consultant, The Adoption Consultancy and the incredible agency they paired us with, Building Arizona Families, we were blessed to be with our daughter just minutes after her birth - and she has been with us since."

The family had a little bit of a bumpy adoption ride - including a loss of a previous match - so the day they finalized Kennedy's adoption was very special to them. "While we've always felt like a family, it was so amazing hear the court say they agree as well."

Kennedy stole the show on adoption day, August 26th, pounding her hands on the table cheerfully and being the center of attention. She made sure everyone knew who was the star of the day. "She was being so silly, it really lightened the mood in the room. When the judge stated that he was proud to recognize her as a part of our family, we definitely got choked up and maybe a cried a bit. It was official - this dream we had worked so hard for had became more real, became final, Kennedy was ours. That impact was not lost on us and we're so thankful for her every single day."

Congrats to this forever family in Urbandale, Iowa!

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"Every Day We Fall More in Love," Congrats to These Gay Dads On Their Recent Births and Adoptions!

Help us congratualte to these gay dads on their recent births and adoptions!

Wishing all of these gay dads whose families expanded in September a lifetime of happiness! Congrats to everyone in our community on their recent births and adoptions!

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Wishing these new dads and those who finalized adoptions a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations from all of us here at Gays With Kids.

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The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in the case, a major victory for LGBTQ parents — but the Attorney General may appeal to the Supreme Court.

On Friday, a US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling from a lower court that said that both parents in a same-sex relationship are entitled to be listed on the birth certificate — previously, the state of Indiana had required the non-biological parent within a same-sex relationship using assisted reproductive technologies to adopt their child after the birth in order to get her or his name listed on the birth certificate, a lengthy and expensive process not required of straight couples in the same situation.

It's a double standard LGBTQ parents have long been subjected to in many states across the country. So this represent a major win. As reported by CNN, this ruling "takes a lot of weight off" the shoulders of LGBTQ parents, said Karen Celestino-Horseman, a lawyer representing one of the couples in the case. "They've been living as families and wondering if this was going to tear them apart."

The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals deliberated the case, according to CNN, for more than two and a half years, which is one of the longest in the court's history.

However, because all the plaintiffs in the case involved female same-sex couples using sperm donors, the ruling left open the similar question of parenting rights with respect to male couples. Indiana's Attorney General, moreover, may also appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

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