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91 Messages to Trump: #RememberOurFamilies


As a community of gay parents, we have many concerns and fears at the beginning of the Trump presidency. Some of us have raced to secure legal protections for our families before the new administration even begins; others wonder if their plans to foster or adopt will be blocked by what is clearly shaping up to be a very anti-gay and mean-spirited cabinet.

But for our children, for our families, for ourselves, we want to be hopeful. We want to believe that people in power will use that power for good. That they will make decisions that benefit all families, including LGBT families.

And please remember that throughout this time, Gays With Kids will continue to tell your stories and share invaluable information to help gay men become dads, as well as help gay dads navigate fatherhood.     

Meanwhile, perhaps what the new administration needs is a reminder. A reminder to #RememberOurFamilies when considering legislation that affects our children, our families, our lives, our dreams. Below, following this introduction, are but a few reminders from across our great nation. 

Add your own #LGBT family to this campaign by uploading your favorite family photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the #RememberOurFamilies hashtag. Also, please share this post far and wide and ask your friends to do the same. The greater our reach, the more likely we’ll be to reach the attention of our new President.


the Guberman family

the King family

the Rosenberg-Van Gameren family

the Price Presslaff family

the Maynard Rudolph family

the Hawley-Molloy family

the Ryker family

the Blacker Goldstone family

the Daniels family

the Oddo family

the Israel-Sanchez family

the Bangs family

Take a quick break to read The Incredibly Loving Instagram Post From the Son of Gay Dads, written in response to our #RememberOurFamilies campaign. Then continue on to see the many other #LGBT families helping us send a strong message of inclusion to the new administration.

the Giansanti Stokes family

the Hill-Kalasky family

the Moya Vasquez family

the Alexander family

the O'Hair family

the Costa Novak family

the Santos Lake family

the Santiardo family

the von Tscharner Weyel family

the Gerard Camps family

the Cupp family

the Jalove Shea family

the LaDuke Matteau family

the Munster Spicer family

the Freed McGovern family

the Letschert Price family

the Gonzalez-Baltazar family

the Zielinski family

the Harlan-Vale family

the Yorgey-Girdy family

the McMillen-Oakley family

the Underly family

the Thompson-Lewis family

the Porcaro-Sullivan family

the Clarke family

the Carey Wood family

the Hunt Kendal family

the Reinot family

the Lee family

the Rogers family

the Berger-Jacobson family

the Strmiska-Nemerov family

the Kinyon-Vandersnick family

the Dodge-McLaughlin family

the Covey family

the Smith family

the Moore family

the Gregory-Veteto Family

the Santiago-Baird family

the Lepow-Beauregard family

the Swaggerty-Morgan family

the Rackley-Dunlap family

the Guanciale family

the Stigliano-Waite family

the Romesburg Mould family

the Marshek Gertner family

the Gomez-Woosley family

the Kelly Marcotte family

the Stevens-Yu family

the Arnone Family

the Longman-Keene Family

the Mills family

the Camp family

the Gibson-Roark family

the Taylor family

the Alexander-Ward family

the Longman-Keene family

the Chien-Flores family

the Tipton-Johnson family

the Parker family

the Noble family

the Ortiz family

the Portnoy family

the Minor Fernandez family

the Bautista-Turpin family

the Rummell-West family

the Kiker-McDonald family

the Anderson-Priuska family

the Lerma family

the Albert family

the Calloway family

the Collins family

the Corrao-Shaw family

the Hicks family

the Hall family

the Niles family

the Della Volpe Family

the Carter family

the Jackson family

Want to see even more wonderful gay dad family photos? Check out our Pumpkin Patch Families and 30 of Our Favorite Gay Dad Family Halloween Costumes

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Guest post by Stephanie Haynes, the executive director of Philadelphia Family Pride

On Saturday, October 5, 2019, Philadelphia Family Pride will hold their 10th Annual Family Matters Conference from 9am to 3:30pm for LGBTQ parents, prospective parents and their kids of all ages at the University of the Sciences in West Philadelphia. The theme this year is "Telling Our Stories." Registration is now open!

In an interactive keynote, Anndee Hochman, author of the Philadelphia Inquirer's weekly "Parent Trip" column, will share highlights from her work as a journalist and memoirist. She'll invite conversation about the stories that shape us—what tales do we share? who does the telling? who is left out?—and how those stories, added up, are changing the world. Read her bio.

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At a recent Disney expo, Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige announced that an upcoming superhero in The Eternals will not only be gay — he'll have a partner and kids.

A gay dad superhero? Take that all of our collective high school bullies! We've finally made it!

But we'll have to wait a bit longer to figure who, exactly, gay dads 'round the globe will be dressing up as each and every Halloween for time eternal. Feige only revealed that the future character will be "married, he's got a family, and that is just part of who he is."

As Out Magazine noted, the rollout of LGBTQ characters in the Marvel universe has been teased for years. In 2015, Feige said the company would "for sure" include an openly gay character some day — a day which, finally, seems to be just around the corner. Just last month, the studio announced Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie character in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder will be its first queer character.

And now, with news of a gay dad superhero not far behind (November 2020, but who's keeping track?) it seems like the company is finally making good on its promise.

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Hungarian Company Raising Money for LGBTQ+ Organization with a LEGO® Heart

Startup WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD is helping combat misinformation and prejudice in Central and Eastern Europe


WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD is an innovative startup venture that sells LEGO® parts and unique creations. The core values of our company include social equality regardless of gender identity or origin. As LEGO® is a variety of colors and shapes, so are the people.

We all know that LEGO® is a brand that nearly everyone knows and likes between the age of 3 and 99 so this gives a great opportunity to connect unique LEGO® creations and Pride. We started a fundraising campaign for a Hungarian LGBTQ+ organization who's aim is to bring people closer to the LGBTQ+ community, they help to combat misinformation and prejudice regarding LGBTQ+ issues in Central- Eastern Europe since 2000.

You might know that gender equality and the circumstances of LGBTQ+ people is not the easiest in the former communist Eastern European countries like Hungary so this program is in a real need for help. For example a couple of month ago a member of the government said that homosexual people are not equal part of our society.

The essence of the campaign is when one buys a Pride Heart, a custom creation made of brand new and genuine LEGO® bricks the organization gets $10.00 donation so they can continue their important work. This Pride Heart is a nice necklace, a decoration in your home, and a cool gift to the one you love.

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But what about that last photo BEFORE you first became a dad? What does that image look like, we wondered? Well, we asked our Instagram community to dig through through phones and find out. Some of us are enjoying a last carefree meal or glass of wine, others of us are captured nervously contemplating our futures. Whatever it is, we've decided these BEFORE pictures are just as meaningful.

Enjoy some of our favorites! Want to play along? Dig through your phones and send us your pics to!

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Gay Dad in Sundance's 'Brittany Runs a Marathon' is Relatable AF

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Who would make for the best marathon training partner for an overweight, overly boozed 27-year-old woman? A gay dad, of course!

The pairing, for any gay man who has been subjected to impossible beauty standards (not unlike... literally all women?) makes a bit too much sense after watching the new Sundance film, "Brittany Runs a Marathon," starring SNL writer Jillian Bell (as the 27-year-old) and Micah Stock as the (somewhat *ahem* older) gay dad.

Based on a true story, the film follows Brittany, an overweight and over-boozed 20-something, trying to clean up her act by training for the New York City marathon — while doing so, she meets Seth (the gay dad), and the two begin to train together, along with Brittany's neighbor Catherine. Each has their own motivation for running: getting one's live together, recovering from a messy divorce, or an attempt to impress one's athletic son. (Which is the gay dad? Guess you'll have to watch to find out!)

We won't give too much more away, apart from saying that the trio — based off of actual people and events — really works. It's the feel good film you're waiting to see.

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