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New Audi Ad Features Gay Dad Family

The brand Audi asks us to think about what we would say to our children about what families will look like in twenty years.

The brand Audi in the UK just gave us all a little gift...a short form video that simply asks us what we think families will look like in the future. The brand Audi asks us to think about what we would say to our children about what families will look like in twenty years.


In the process, however, Audi UK is actually showcasing the many faces of families already happening today. Not in twenty years, but today! Same-sex, mixed-race, name it and we see family. #FutureFamilies.

The gift from Audi UK comes from the fact that in many ways we are already #FutureFamilies. We've come such a long way towards acceptance that any form of family is family and we are all equal in our ability to form a family.

And the gift from Audi UK comes from the realization that perhaps we will soon no longer need to label what form of family we are. Perhaps we will no longer feel the need to say same-sex, mixed-race, singles. Perhaps that is #FutureFamilies and perhaps we are already there.

Harry and Meghan just started their very own as well. #FutureFamilies

Gay Dad Life

Gay Grandfathers Give New Gay Dads Their Best Advice

We spoke to four gay grandfathers about what they've learned through their years as dads, and what they love most about being granddads.

Some folks view being a grandparent as a second chance at parenting, but with only the fun stuff. Being an "out" granddad is a road (thus far) less travelled but the same rules apply. For many, it's a second chance to get it right, and for others, it's an opportunity to support their kids as they learn to parent. And ultimately, be the best granddads to their grandchildren.

We spoke to four gay grandfathers about what they've learned through their years as dads, their best advice to gay men just starting out as parents, and what they love most about being granddads.

"It's okay to struggle and not have all of the solutions," says gay Granddad, Matthew

When Matthew became a dad, he was a single 28 year old, working in social and community health. His son was in foster care at the time and on Matthew's caseload. When Matthew saw that the 8-year-old boy was placed up for adoption, he decided to adopt him. So at the age of 28, when most other 20-somethings were enjoying no responsibility, Matthew became a dad almost overnight. Today, he is a grandfather to two girls and couldn't be prouder of his son, Isaac.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were a new gay dad?

I was very fortunate to be surrounded by supportive family and friend, however, I wish I would have been told more that it was okay to struggle and not have all of the solutions, especially when it comes to dating as single dad at the time.

Looking back, what was the most important lesson you learned as a dad?

Being a parent has taught me how to really 'dig deep' and to be resilient and strong. It has made me a much better man.

What's the best thing about being a (gay) granddad?

Without a doubt, the BEST part of being a granddad for me so far is experiencing the expanding love of a growing family and the building of my legacy and helping shape something that will live beyond my years on this planet. My two precious granddaughters -18-month-old Thea and 3-month-old Athena – are very much motivators for me to be as healthy as possible! In fact, when we were expecting my first granddaughter, her birth inspired me to get serious about losing weight and getting into better shape so that I can be around as long as possible for her!


A Financial Assistance Program Puts Surrogacy Within Reach for This Single Gay School Teacher

Gonzalo Curbelo shares how he decided to become a single dad and how an assistance program run by Men Having Babies helped put that dream within reach.

"I have come to realize that although it would seem ideal to start a family with a special someone, it does not mean you can't do it on your own," says single gay dad-to-be Gonzalo Curbelo. Gonzalo, a teacher living in Tampa, Florida, started his surrogacy journey over seven years ago when he began to save for surrogacy. Now, potentially only two months away from getting pregnant, Gonzalo is sharing how he decided to become a single dad and how an organization run by gay dads is helping him fulfill his dreams.

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This Gay Couple's Surrogacy Journey was a Logistical Nightmare. But it Fulfilled a Lifelong Dream: Fatherhood

Grant and Gabe's surrogacy journey stretched across four cities and two countries, but it was well worth the extra effort.

Grant Gochnauer and Gabriel Fontes de Faria met online in late November 2006 while the two were both living in Chicago. Before meeting, the two spoke on the phone several times over the course of a week and quickly realized they had so much in common. Eventually, they decided to have their first date at a local Thai restaurant.

Grant, co-founder and CTO of an enterprise software company, says Gabe quickly proved himself to be a gentleman: "I remember how I was immediately impressed with simple things such as Gabe's good manners and the way he treated those around him" says Grant.

After they finished their meal, Grant escorted Gabe back to his condo, and proceeded to help fix his computer. (That, if you were wondering, was not a euphemism: they ended their date with a simple hug.)

It was clear to them both that they had found something special. "[We] both knew in that moment that there could be magic in a relationship. Even though we grew up in different countries, we shared the same values and had a similar upbringing." Grant said.

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Gay Dad Life

This Dream is For Real: Congrats to Gay Men Whose Family's Grew in May!

Wishing all of these gay dads a lifetime of happiness! Congrats to everyone in our community on their recent births and adoptions!

Wishing these growing families a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations to these gay men on their recent and expectant births, adoption finalizations and foster-adopt journeys, from all of us here at Gays With Kids!

Congratulations to dads Michael and Louie on finalizing the adoption of their son last year!

Gays With Kids might be a little late on congratulating dads Louie and Michael on becoming dads, but we're still so exciting for this family of three! This Californian family celebrated the adoption of Landon on August 18, 2017.

"We felt overwhelmed, like it wasn't really happening," said Michael as he described the day. "But once the judge let us know that it was finalized, it made us realize this is for real!"

"He's always been our son in our hearts from day one and was meant for us from the beginning, but now it was official on paper," said Louie.

Congrats to this family from Madera!

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In March this year, Antwon and Nate shared their exciting news with the Gays With Kids community: they were going to become foster dads! In May they caught us up to speed on their licensing, how they were getting prepared and what were their next steps. Now, several months later, they're still waiting ...In this video, Antwon and Nate give us an update.

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Coming Out

This Bi Dad Came Out Earlier This Year After Meeting His Soul Mate

After keeping his sexuality a secret for many years, Charlie finally decided to come out in January 2018

Charlie Roberson doesn't have any regrets. Despite knowing he was gay, Charlie married a woman in his twenties and together they had a baby girl. But the marriage didn't last, and in January this year, Charlie finally came out to the world. He's now in a meaningful relationship, and loving life as a dad. Here's Charlie path to fatherhood and why he decided to live his true authentic life.

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Gay Dad Life

Gay Men Tell Us About the Time They First Realized They Were Going to Be a Dad

The next installment of our video series "Hey Dads, Gay Dads" asks gay dads about the moment they found out there were officially going to be a parent for the first time.

Do you remember that moment when you found out you were officially going to be a parent? Do you imagine what that experience will be like when it finally happens for you? Hey Dads Gay Dads takes an authentic look into that surreal moment in time when various gay men found out they were going to be fathers.

How great are mothers? Think about it. Not a single one of us would be here without them. They serve so many special roles in our lives and they deserve to be celebrated more than just one day out of the year. But life oftentimes gets in the way of that. And so, as this Mother's Day approaches, I'm reminded once again how fortunate I am to have been blessed with wonderful mothers in my life.

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