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The Most Important Stop for Gay Dad Families

“Thank you for giving families like mine a voice and a place to seek info that relates to us.” —William H.

“I am so proud to be in the company of people who fight for equality in all facets, but especially the right to raise a child in a loving environment regardless of orientation." — Jay B.

“As a gay man hoping to become a father someday, I find your organization and its work very inspiring!” — Jason A.

“Following Gays With Kids materialized fatherhood for me. It allowed me to realize that fatherhood, for a gay man, is possible.” —E. Ben

“What you do makes a difference. It was hard but after finding your page and seeing the amazing stories from everyone, it has been so affirming.” —Jason D.

"Gays With Kids has given me so much hope as a young semi-closeted gay guy that I will one day meet my Prince Charming and have kids." — Brad C.

“Keep on showing that there are more ways to create a family rather than just the traditional way!” — Babis C.

“I love love love and appreciate all your time, work and effort into sharing our stories.” —Alex R.

Every dad has an inspiring story to tell…

Gay, bi and trans men don’t become dads overnight - we often must overcome enormous financial, emotional and societal struggles to fulfill our dreams of fatherhood. For this reason, every queer dad has a story to tell.

That’s why we’re portraying as many of their complicated and loving journeys as possible. They’re all part of our collection of inspiring family profiles. 

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